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5 common tile installation problems

by:Shihui     2019-12-30
Every tile installation work, regardless of size, people will encounter several common problems before the work can be completed normally.
These problems usually occur when inexperienced people try to install tiles without the need to properly check the area or know which materials are best suited to the conditions of that particular location.
Before starting a tile installation job, always consider the following factors that can create longer, more complex jobs than should be created.
The problematic surface is one of the biggest problems many people encounter when starting the tile installation work, and is a variety of problematic surfaces.
Once the main old floor has been removed and cleaned for the new tile surface, cracks and damage will occur in some floors, while others will reveal uneven surfaces to deal.
There are also times when a lot of mold growth needs to be noted before the actual tile installation work starts.
Choosing the best underwear is very important for the specific area you will be working in.
After installing the tiles, one of the problems many people face is that they chose the wrong bottom layer.
This can lead to very large problems, usually eventually separating the tiles and doing it correctly from the start.
It is very important to check the Environment and layout of the area you are working on.
An example is a place where the moisture content is high, a waterproof liner that needs to be paired with a waterproof grouting to prevent the humidity from eventually distorting the surface of the tile and starting with mold growth or padding to deteriorate the tile from below.
Uneven layout tile installation seems to be a simple enough job for many people, especially when working in symmetrical areas, but one of the biggest problems many people have is improper tile layout.
It is important to get the right number of tiles and start with the right area.
If a random point is chosen as the starting point, there may be many places where smaller sizes or narrow cut tiles will be available to complete the area.
Aesthetically, it looks uneven, and in the long run it can also cause problems with smaller tiles cracking or falling off.
Mortar mixing tile installation will have mortar as the basis for the tiles to remain in place, and proper mixing of mortar is an obstacle that many people have to deal.
If there is no suitable mortar mixture, or if the tile is laid too slowly, the tile will change throughout the work and will leave the site even after the grouting application is completed. Please always check the mix ratio carefully and mix fully to get proper consistency and make sure that the mortar does not start to dry until the tiles are laid in small order to ensure.
Incorrect grouting is the last common problem encountered in tile installation work, namely, cracking or dipping grouting.
Like a mortar, the mortar cracks or sinks when it is not mixed properly.
Another reason why grouting is immersed below the surface of the tile is that there is not enough grouting between the tiles.
Always add more mud than you think you need and gently scratch the surface at a certain angle to make sure you don\'t dig out any mud from between the tiles.
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