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a guide to slate tile flooring

by:Shihui     2020-03-25
It\'s long-
Wearing, almost indestructible, easy to maintain.
What are the floor coverings that match this description?
Slate tile floor is OK.
In the early history, this type of tile was found near the entrance to a home or building.
The area absorbed a lot of walking traffic and was punished a lot from soil and moisture.
This is the most likely place to install slabs in the foyer, close to the inner door and the external entrance.
Slate floors are often used in large kitchen areas for the same reason.
Today, this beautiful natural stone floor is once again popular.
This type of floor has long lasting durability.
That\'s why it\'s important to be sure you like the color of the tile and the design you choose.
The slate has tiles of all sizes that meet any preferences or floor specifications.
Today\'s slate tile floors come in a wide variety of colors from brick red, traditional slate blue and gray to brown and Brown light colors.
The surface of the slate tile floor can be rough or smooth, depending on one\'s taste.
However, just like all the glossy surface floor tiles, the smoother the surface, the more slippery it is when wet.
Pattern and installation this tile can be installed in the running mode of the large square tile, or in order to get more effects, the pattern may change with several tiles of different sizes.
Installation is relatively easy.
A paving cement that is applied to the bottom of each tile.
When fully dry, apply grouting between tiles to get the finished look and seal the tiles together.
Some prefer a coating to improve the gloss.
The beauty and value of installing slate tile floors should be done by professionals for the best results.
It is easy to maintain once installed and always looks great.
Like other types of floors, the surface is not faded or worn, the best part?
The floor also has scratches and wearresistant.
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