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Building a Wood Stove Wall Shield

by:Shihui     2020-01-06
There are very specific requirements on how to approach the wood stove to the combustible surface.The distance varies depending on the stove, but many need to be 8 to 36 inch away from the combustible wall.Since this usually puts the stove in the room, many homeowners choose to build a wall shield.The most common way to do this is to put a part of the tile behind the wall or wall to be combustible, not a material suitable for use behind the wood stove or under the tile.Remove it from the wall behind the wood stove and you can install the cement back plate.Use a drywall saw to cross the drywall directly.Remove all dry walls from any wall within eightto 36-Inch recommended by your stove manufacturer.For the most seamless look, remove the drywall directly from the ceiling even if you are not planning on such a high tile.There are some painted cement backplates that allow you to install the tiles as you like, and there is still a non-combustible surface on the ceiling behind the stove.The back panel is concrete-Non-combustible foundation wall panel.It is similar to a drywall mounted on the wall.Test-Install the panel on the wall and cut the panel by grading the surface and capturing it on the grading line.Screw onto the bolt and drive the screw head below the surface of the plate.Place the fiberglass tape on the seams between different plates and cover the tape with a thin layer of mortar-You will use the same material to install the tiles onto the back panel.You can place boards horizontally or vertically in this area, and you can hide the seams under the tiles no matter what is most appropriate.Once the back panel is activated, you can install the tiles immediately.If your fireplace is already tiled, if you are using the same tile, lay the wall tiles so that the grouting joints on the floor and wall tiles match.If the fireplace does not have tiles, or you are using different tiles, lay the tiles so that you can tile evenly to each side from the bottom center of the wall.Place the tiles in a thin mortar applied to the wall, and then tap with a rubber mallet.Dry the tiles 24 hours a day.After the mortar is cured for 24 hours, you can grout the tiles to complete the installation.Use the grouting float to wrap the grouting between the tiles.Move the float from several angles to the tile to ensure a good coverage and then clean the tile surface with a damp sponge.Let the mud dry for 24 hours.At this point, you can draw any exposed back plate to match the surrounding walls.Once the mud and paint are dry, your wall is now non-combustible and you can use your wood stove safely.
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