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Business type of Shihui Stone
Xiamen Shihui Stone Co., Ltd is a for-profit company that creates marble tile countertop . It has been committed to developing its production engineering and introducing innovative equipment to make excellent products. Since its inception, it has been operating in the most professional corporate system, serving customers and striving to be one of the leading manufacturers.

Shihui Stone is a well-known national high-tech manufacturer of river stone sink. According to the material, Shihui Stone's products are divided into several categories, and solid stone countertops is one of them. Latest machining techniques are used in manufacturing Shihui marble floor tile. The product is notable for its excellent compressive strength. This product has passed through many international certifications. It reaches a high level of Moh’s scale of hardness and will not easily break.

With high quality, competitive price and first-class service, Shihui Stone become first choice for most customers. Call!
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