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◆ Project customization
The product drawings from customers are necessities for SHS to exactly manufacture the customized products that customers want. Custom stone countertops process should be precisely carried out according to customers' drawings.From drawings to the finished products, SHS puts emphasis on each step of the production process and sees it tremendously significant. In SHS, each staff regards customers' needs as their top priority and try their best to accurately satisfy customers.


◆ Color Customization
Based on customers' samples, we can accurately customize the product color. Prior to applying customization into practice, SHS's service team will communicate with customers in every aspect to make sure of zero fault of the samples. Additionally, customers are welcome to put forward related suggestions.


◆ Size customization
Different sizes can be made to meet the needs of different industries or scenes. The size of custom quartz countertop can be customized according to customers' requirements.

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