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determining the layout for your bathroom wall tiles

by:Shihui     2020-03-03
Assuming all the wall surfaces are ready for tiles, then the next step is to determine where the tiles are on the wall.
Just like preparing walls, this is an important step if you want the finish to look professional.
The correct layout is crucial as you want to see the best tiles from the main perspective of room I. e.
You are taking a bath and even sitting in the toilet when you enter the door!
The narrow tile sections are clumsily cut in the corners, and if you notice them every day, it will be a nasty thorn in the eye.
You need to start by marking the horizontal and vertical lines on each wall or wall section, which will serve as a guide when fixing the wall tiles.
The best position for the horizontal start line is right above the sink and toilet tank so they don\'t break the continuous line around the room.
But it is also important that this line does not leave a small tile above the bathtub
This depends largely on the size of the tile you choose.
A good way to get the correct height of this line is to divide the height of the bathroom in half, then mark the position of each tile below the line with this line until you reach the tub.
If only less than half of the tile height is left above the tub, adjust the starting line up or down until there is exactly half or whole tile above the edge of the tub --
Don\'t forget to consider the width of the grouting.
Once you are satisfied with the route of the bath, you have to check all the other main elements of the bathroom, such as windows, sinks, toilets, etc.
Make sure there are no narrow bars left in the obvious area.
If there is no choice, there can only be some narrow bars somewhere (
This is often the case)
Then try to arrange the layout so that they appear above the doors and windows or near the floor I. e.
Away from normal sight.
With a bit of trial and error you should be able to build a good horizontal guide line
Now Mark it clearly on the wall with a mental level to make sure it is completely straight.
Next, you need to build your vertical guide line in a similar way.
Starting with a line and a half of the mark-
Go along the longest wall, use your tile width again plus the grouting seam width, check all corners and edges of sanitary ware, and make sure there are no narrow tiles in the most obvious position.
Most rooms and corners are not completely square, so tiling from the middle of the wall creates a balanced layout.
If you start with a corner and it\'s not the perfect square, then when you get to the next corner, you risk the tiles looking inclined, because the tiles at the top of the room may be better than at the bottom, and vice versa.
Finally, mark the vertical center point line on all other walls in the same way, and your wall surface is fully prepared, your layout reference line has been marked, you are finally ready to choose either ceramic wall tiles or one of a variety of natural stone wall tiles.
Please keep an eye out for the next article in this series on how to install the tiles of your choice. . .
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