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different kinds of stone tiles

by:Shihui     2020-01-24
Tiles are the most common way to increase attraction and cover the floor in residential or commercial areas.
There are different types of tiles used for different rooms in a house or store.
For example, the tiles in the kitchen are different from those used in the living room.
Stone Brick is a common marble stone brick: marble stone brick is one of the most expensive tiles a few years ago and still the most elegant, adding a beauty to the room.
Marble tiles are usually used in homes and offices as they add beauty to the place and they don\'t need as much maintenance as others need.
In addition, marble stone bricks are more durable than other stone bricks.
Slate: slabs are usually found in outdoor furniture and old buildings.
In some cases, slabs are installed in other outdoor areas such as gardens and terraces.
To enhance the look and feel of the area.
The slabs can also be polished to increase the beauty of the area.
Vinyl tiles: vinyl tiles are cheap tiles that are very easy to install.
These tiles have a square of 12x12.
They are simple to install as they are already glued to the back of the adhesive, the user simply takes off the protective film, exposes the adhesive and sticks it to the floor.
Mosaic Tiles: mosaic tiles are a mixture of porcelain, glass and ceramics.
They are small in size, about two to 3 inch for creating patterns in tile formation.
Mosaic tiles are usually used to create some artistic patterns on the floor or on the ground.
This is the three most common tiles in modern installations.
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