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do it yourself bathroom design -

by:Shihui     2020-01-13
You can try to design the look of the bathroom yourself instead of engaging the designer in order to fully customize the bathroom to your taste and preferences.After all, who can understand your needs like yourself?Not only is this easy, it\'s fun to see your ideas become something you use every day.The first thing you may have to decide on is the type and color of the bathroom tiles.You may decide to use the same color and type of tiles for walls and floors, or use different types and colors to add some texture and diversity to the look and feel of the whole place.Mosaic or natural stone tiles such as granite, marble or lime China are some very durable tiles that are suitable for use in the bathroom.After deciding on the tile, the bathroom vanity is the most important thing in the bathroom.The bathroom vanity looks good, not only is it important, but it has to be practical.Depending on the overall look of your house, your bathroom vanity must fit well into the theme.If your house will have a more traditional look with darker wood furniture, you may enjoy choosing a more traditional bathroom vanity, the hand-made wood cabinets and brass faucets with ceramic pots, granite or marble countertops installed inside will complement the look of the house well.On the other hand, if you decide on a modern minimalist look, having a bathroom vanity is designed for a simple, elegant and clean look.In addition to the usual installation, you can choose to install your basin at the top to get a different look and choose from many glass pots and ceramic pots.In addition to granite and marble, peopleThe stone at the top of the modern bathroom vanity is also nice.If the space is a bit limited, you can also choose a wall-mounted bathroom vanity.Without cabinet legs, the vanity seems to be hung up, which will give the illusion of being spacious.In addition to matching the theme of the house, there are other factors to consider in the bathroom vanity.Depending on the size of the available space and your needs, you can choose a single or double vanity.In addition to the cabinets, you can also choose to have drawers under the dresser.Remember to give some ideas about the material and color at the top of the dresser, the type and design of the matching faucet and mirror.Design customization and possibilities are endless.After all, the use of the features and beautiful bathrooms that you personally designed will definitely make you very happy.
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