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Do You Seal Raw Stone Before Grouting?

by:Shihui     2020-01-06
Natural stone tiles are an attractive and durable finish material for floors and walls.After laying the stone tiles, you will need to grout the seams to prevent dirt and water from entering and enhance the beauty of the surface of the new tile.Grouting can be confusing, but proper preparation of the tiles can minimize the confusion.Seal your original stone tile before grouting.If you don\'t apply the sealant first, the mud will stick tenaciously to the surface of the tile and it will be difficult to fall off.Grouting may also color the unsealed tiles.Clean any mortar or debris on the surface of the tile.Apply the stone sealant evenly to the entire surface of the stone tile with a clean, soft rag or sponge roller.As long as the stone can absorb, you can apply as many closed agents as possible.It usually takes about an hour for the sealer to dry.Some porous stones may require two or three sealing coatings before grouting.
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