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Do You Use Spacers When Installing Marble Tile?

by:Shihui     2020-01-12
The real marble tiles are flat.cut--Unlike ceramics and many other styles that tend to bend-Because marble tiles are not formed in the mold, they are cut directly from natural stone.Marble tiles are also easily scratched by sand or other grind.All of this has an impact on spacing.and-Grouting process.In order to avoid scratching the tiles, the use of mud without sand requires a tight and consistent space on the mud line.
This will create a smooth tabletJust like the surface of the marble tile plane.The space between tiles should not exceed 1/8-Inch wide (1/16-The inch space would be better if the edge of the tile was straight enough to hold it ).Plastic gaskets are always used to get consistent lines.
Because the line is thin, do not use the spacer style that falls to the space and stays under the grout, but use a removable spacer.Four-The intervals you set in the corner are the best.When you press the tiles on the adhesive, when you level the tiles with the edge of the straight plate, keep the spacers in place and make sure they even go through the space.
After laying out all the tiles, pull out the spacers and let the tiles stay overnight.The \"unpolished\" grouting (which just means that no sand is added to the mortar) can only be used on the thin grouting line as it breaks from the wider grouting line.The unpolished grouting is thinner than the standard grouting, will be fully filled between tiles with very thin intervals, and there will be no danger of obstacles or air bags.
Since it does not contain sand, it does not scratch the tiles when you apply them.Press it completely into the line and wipe the excess with a damp sponge.Sealing a very thin grout line is a challenge because you don\'t want the sealant to dry on marble.
Do not use the standard grouting sealer with sponge applicator as this is for your 1/16-or 1/8-inch lines.Use a very thin Artist Brush and carefully brush the Packer online.There is a damp paper towel on hand to wipe any sealer on the marble surface.
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