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elegant marble subway tile factory for bathroom

elegant marble subway tile factory for bathroom

Elegant marble subway tile factory for bathroom

Place of Origin
Mainland (China)
Surface finished
Pollished, honed
Used for floor, pattern, wall facade, indoor decoration, countertop
Available Color
white, beige, yellow, red,black, green, etc
Available Sizes
12' X 12
Edge processing
Machine cutting, round edge etc
Seaworthy wooden crate, pallet
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Product Comparison
Shihui Stone carries out strict quality monitoring and cost control on each production link of kitchen countertop manufacturers, from raw material purchase, production and processing and finished product delivery to packaging and transportation. This effectively ensures the product has better quality and more favorable price than other products in the industry.Compared with similar products, Shihui Stone's kitchen countertop manufacturers has the following advantages.
Company Advantages
1. The composition of marble stone tile makes it obtain good performance of marble subway tile .
2. The product can bear the most demanding industrial conditions. It is made of heavy-duty materials such as steel alloys and is not prone to rust and corrosion.
3. The product can stand up strong disinfectants. Its specially coated metal materials make it effectively withstand disinfection environments.
4. After continuous innovation and perseverance, this product wins a good reputation in the industry.

Company Features
1. With strong R&D and manufacturing ability of marble subway tile , Xiamen Shihui Stone Co., Ltd grows steadily to hold the lead among other competitors in China.
2. Xiamen Shihui Stone Co., Ltd has a advanced technology to provide customers with a full range of services, professional technical support and first-class products.
3. Xiamen Shihui Stone Co., Ltd makes every effort to improve the quality of marble stone tile with high quality services. Inquiry! Shihui has been making efforts in manufacturing natural stone marble tile with highest quality. Inquiry! Shihui Stone seeks common ground while reserving differences with our customers. Inquiry! Shihui endeavors to be one of the few professional natural marble tile supplier with its own R&D ability. Inquiry!
This sealer works very well, easy to apply, very low odor. But expect to apply at least two coats (better to apply three) to get a complete seal. I apply after supper and by morning the counter can be used. Typically, I wait a day or two between coats. You will be able to feel the sealer on the surface and you should be able to feel when sealer needs to be reapplied. Also, highly recommend StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner & Protector. Kitchen sponges and soap leave residue that will dull your granite.
While the date code was almost a year old, the material is good for two years. The bottle suggest reapplying at annual intervals on many stones but fails to mention that the product is only good for 6 months after opening so no need in saving the unused portion. (I called and spoke to the DuPont tech staff and confirmed this while suggesting they mark the label as such) It was easy to use. It did not appreciable darken my travertine tiles but did leave a very slight gloss which looked good. One granite installer wanted $300 for a 30 year stain free warranty on their granite installation. I said no. During the install, one installer told me even though my granite was pretty 'tight' they'd still recommend sealing once per year with some products like the one they sell. When I said I use the Dupont Bulletproof, he said that's what they used for their warranty sealing!
This is easy to apply...you basically sponge it on, keep it wet for fifteen minutes to replenish what gets absorbed and then wipe the surface dry. We recently rebuilt our shower, using 3"x12" marble tiles. Unlike the samples in the store display, a large percentage of the tiles had porous areas which soaked up water...exactly what you don't want in a shower. After applying two coats of DuPont's Bullet-Proof sealer, the tiles no longer were darkening when wet. This stuff is not a pore filler, at least on a macroscopic level, but does an effective job preventing water molecules from diffusing into the marble itself. The top half of the marble tile in the photo was treated; the bottom half was left natural. They're identical in color when dry, but (as you can see) the untreated portion became much darker when wet. Note - no sealer will protect marble from etching if exposed to acids. Be careful with cleaners and test in an inconspicuous location if you have any doubts about compatibility. Lime-Away, C-L-R and similar cleaners are especially deadly to marble! Highly recommended!
It's OK if that's all you can get. I sealed my granite with it, but it would still take stains with olive oil or coffee very quickly. I've since had a professional apply a "lifetime sealer" (just look for these on the internet with a Google search) and the performance is stunningly better. Now I can leave coffee on my granite overnight, or oil, or wine, and it will just wipe off in the morning. Yes, the professional permanent sealers are much more expensive, but you don't have to reapply every year and, well, they work much better. This is yesterday's technology, I think.
One of the best you can use. One star deducted because it needs to be reapplied fairly often and it's really not "bulletproof" I had used this product for years on my Cashmere Ivory countertops and because of what I just mentioned I thought I'd try Sen-guard. That was awful and it soaked up water more than it did before I put it on. There was zero protection at least on this type of white absorbent stone from that. Then I tried professionally applied Granite Shield and got the same result as the Sen-guard. That cost hundreds but I got my money back and was told they never seen that happen before. I am now back to this Dupont Stonetech Professional BullietProof Sealer. It seems to work best and I use it around every 3 months now, especially around the sink area. It is so difficult to find a reliable stone protector. As a previous kitchen designer, I know that many stones (especially the darker denser ones) are already pretty resistant to stains and people get sold these sealers more than they need. They then think it's the sealer that is wonderful when really oftentimes it's just the stone and polishing done in the factory. To be safe, I'd still recommend a sealer. In my case, I should have trusted my training and instincts and not installed such a light absorbent granite. I knew better but I thought I'd just be careful. It was such a pretty slab, with pale sage green medallions throughout and the price was fantastic. Thing is, there is no amount of "careful" that can prevent water constantly being splashed around the sink and that water generally contains soap and food. It can start being absorbed before you're even done filling the dishwasher. That will eventually find its way into the stone making it darker than the rest of the kitchen by comparison. It also stays wet longer because it immediately starts to absorb, leaving you to believe that is only water it is and will dry back to the original light color. The good thing about natural granite is you can usually get the stains out with a poultice but what a big, time-consuming chore it is and mess you have to live with if it's more than just a small area. Bottom line is I recommend this product over several others I've tried but any water still needs to be wiped away immediately even though it's sealed.
Used this on our new bathroom renovation to seal the Carrara marble floor, countertop and backsplash. Goes on very easy with a microfiber towel. Thin coats seemed to work best. Our bathroom is 7x12 and we used maybe 1/10 of the bottle, so a smaller bottle would have been the better choice. Appears to work great on these surfaces. Its been a few months now and we are happy with how it appears to be helping to keep stains off the marble surfaces.
Works great and easy to use. Just remember to keep wiping it with a wet cloth with the product on it rather than letting it dry on the countertop. After 15 or 20 minutes of wiping with the wet cloth and keeping the stone wet the entire time, just switch to a dry cloth and dry off whatever is left on the stone. Very easy. If you let it dry on the stone you get a white film, which easily comes off by wetting it again, but just keep wiping the countertop wet until you dry it. Water beaded immediately after I finished. About a month later it is still beading. I intend to reseal each year, which should be fine.
This product goes on very easily as long as you follow the instructions correctly and make sure npt to let the surface dry. It is practically invisible once set, makes your countertops shine and provides your countertops with a clear acrylic coat, making it impervious to stains and eliminating water seepage into the surface. I used it on granite which only needed one coat, but if you are putting it on a more porous surface you may need to use several coats. Not afraid to pour glasses of red wine over my granite countertops anymore!
My contractor lied about having my counter top sealed and this was evident after a couple stains appeared on my expensive stone counter. Fortunately I was able to remove the stains with another manufacturer's (Dupont) product, then sealed everything with this StoneTech product -- never had another problem since!
We just had granite countertops installed in March and before the installers were finished they lightly sealed the granite. My wife asked, "What are you using to seal the countertops,? they replied, "Bulletproof." So we ordered it and just did two (2) coats this weekend after finishing the backsplash. I turned out really good and has a nice shine. I gave it four (4) stars only because it did leave a slight film which I had to rub out to by hand after the 2nd coat to completely eliminate the haze and we applied it according to directions. Maybe the installers only did a light coating, but overall it does look great and I will use it again when it comes time for a re-coat in a year. It does say it's a 3-5 year protection, but I'll probably re-seal it next year. My wife is happy with the way it turned out so I'm happy too!
Used to seal honed Alabama White Marble. I purchased just one quart to seal entire countertop, island and backsplash behind range. I have approx. 3 slabs worth at about 165 sq feet. I have marble everywhere. Marble came sealed from the warehouse but I was told by another fabricator who quoted my job to use this product after it was installed. I poured the product in a small plastic cup and used a cheap brush to brush it on. You do not have to worry about this leaving an overlap marks so work in small, manageable sections. Overlap is ok, The marble will only soak up so much. When I first started, I was working in large seam to seam sections and I couldn't keep up with the absorption. By the time I had worked to the end, the beginning was almost dry/absorbed. 2nd coat I went in smaller sections and was able to keep it wet. I did my whole kitchen rather quickly. It's been 2 months and I don't have any stains. I've spilled some stain worthy foods (red wine, yellow mustard, turmeric, bbq sauce, etc) and although they etch the marble, no stain is present. I have two small children who I want to live on this marble and I don't want to have to always say "No, don't do that". I love the etching as they are starting to blend together but I don't want staining. I have a baking section where I roll butter pastry directly on the marble. I know over the years this area will take a darker hue from the oils so I will probably seal this section more often than the other counters that don't see this much use. This product is so easy to use that I could literally seal a section of countertop in just a few minutes. Will purchase again.
I've tried a few granite sealers in my day, and have come away unhappy with most. I expected more of the same. I used masking tape to protect the nearby painted areas, emptied and cleaned the granite surface, turned on all the lights, then started. I dumped about 1/5th of the bottle into a plastic container. Using a 1.5" paint brush of decent quality, I kept brushing the product onto the granite. Wherever I saw a dry spot, I immediately coated it heavily until there was a beaded surface of product on the granite. I kept this up for 20 minutes, then used paper towels to dry the entire counter. There was a bit of shine at that point, but not that great. So did each surface a second time, keeping the surface completely wet for 20 minutes, then dried it off with paper towels and buffed it with a clean cloth. The results are great!. The counters don't form dark rings on them when you set a glass of iced water down, and they have a good shine. I'll use the remainder of the bottle for the bathrooms, and to spruce up the kitchen counters from time to time. Highly recommended.
Installation was easy on our brand new light gray granite countertops. Prior to applying this we had to be extra careful with the counter tops as any water, oil, ect immediately left a big stain. A few days after applying this we had a slow cooker boil over and leave a big oily mess on the counters for several hours before finding it. Prior to the application of this sealer, i know we would have had a huge dark stain that would have taken weeks to clear up and require several applications of an oil pulmice. With this sealer down the oil wiped up and left a small mark that cleared up in a couple of days. Will definitely be purchasing this again when it's time to reseal
This is what the granite installer recommended so it's what I've been using. Pretty good stuff -- but read all the directions and follow them faithfully. Above all, don't let the sealer dry on the surface. And make sure a fan is on or you'll lose a million brain cells and have a major headache. On my granite, the shine and I guess the protection appear to intensify a day or two after application. (The product also seems to have slightly smoothed the sharp edges of two tiny chipped spots on a marble-table edge.) It's best to seal your stone before you need to because once it dulls, you can't bring back that first blush of newness. Like life itself.
Treated my two bath sinks and kitchen counters, all granite. Easy to apply, piece of cake. Use flood coat technique. Just keep the counter wet for 20 minutes (I went a half hour) using a cheap, small paint pad. Every time you see a spot dry, whip the pad over it, that's all. As time passes the counter will tend to stay wet, that means the the granite has absorbed all it can (which is what you want). Then wipe dry with paper towels. Done. No stink, no nasty solvent smells, but I kept the exhaust fans running. So far so good; actually, I can't tell it's on there, totally clear, does not change the patina of the counter color (which is good). [UPDATE]: December 2015: water still beads up on the counters, no stains, great shine. I think that the folks having problems are not following proper procedure; just do what I did and you will have good results on granite (I can't verify other types of materials). [UPDATE]: February 2018: water still beads up, there is still no staining of any kind on the counters/sinks. I use a little Windex once weekly to clean, and the shine comes up like they were new. I think this summer I will give it another quick coat, just for normal maintenance. Probably no one will read this because my first post is old, but thought I would post anyway :)
Best product that I have found for sealing stone. I have granite, travertine, marble, and quartzite counters and/or floors. It works great for all of these surfaces (hard, soft, porous, and nonporous). Application is easy. Also, there is less product build up than there is with another brand that I tried. The other brand will require me to strip the stone in my shower as prep for a new application of sealant since there is so much sealant buildup. I have not had that problem with Stonetech Professional BulletProof. In addition, this product is recommended by local stone companies as the best product for sealing stone. Based on my experience, I have to agree with these professional opinions re this product. Finally, the lifespan of the product is approximately one year before a new application is required which represents increased longevity relative to some other sealants that I have used and competitive with other sealants that I have used.
Works great. Just followed the instructions and it worked just as explained on our white marble shower floor. The odor was not bad at all and it dissipated within 12 hours. Did not change to color of the grout or the marble. Seals as expected. Shower dries out almost instantly after use. Strongly recommend this product. p.s. I also used just the Dupont grout sealer on a different shower and got very different results from that product. Since one product worked I assumed the other one would too. Bad decision on my part. See my review before buying just the grout sealer.
The retailer from whom I purchased granite countertops for my kitchen recommended Dupont StoneTech as a sealant. I tried unsuccessfully to find it at several home improvement stores before purchasing it online through Amazon. I used a small paint roller to apply the sealant, and it worked like a charm. I think the secret to applying it is to keep the granite surface wet with the sealant the enire time recommended by the manufacturer (10-15 minutes). Very little residue was left after I wiped the granite surface. I recommend BulletProof. You may pay a bit more than a cheaper sealant available at a home improvement store, but the end result justifies the extra expense. Dupont recommends an annual application for best results, but the label on the container says it may last 3-5 years before you have to do it again. I plan to do it each year to guard against stains.
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