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erasing the history of the united states - from sluggish covered wagon speed to hypersonic break neck speed...

by:Shihui     2020-04-26
From the Bible and the cross to the statues and flags. . .
It won\'t end there and memorial/marker is also the target!
After the terrible attack on our home on September 11, 2001, two cross-shaped steel beams drew national attention.
For many who work in the ruins, this is a symbol of moving forward and a reminder that \"this will pass too \".
The cross acts as a small lighthouse in the dark and dim space of time.
When the display items of the 9/11 memorial and museum are considered and discussed, decide on these cross beams (this Cross)
A group of atheists had a big problem with the plan, and they filed a lawsuit against it becoming part of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.
A panel of judges decided that the project was considered a historical relic ,(
Not the cross, not the symbol of Christianity)
It will therefore be regarded as such and may be included.
I have been thinking about a series of events that took place for this \"symbol\" that inspired many people and were included in a very dark and frustrating period in our lives.
In order to be part of the memorial and museum, it must be labeled with history.
Is it safe? Can it withstand the Socialist opponents of today\'s progress?
I don\'t know, but the possibility of longevity doesn\'t look so good!
One of the millions of visitors may see it on the website and become very angry and even feel stressed. . .
Then the rough and rugged cross will return to court. . .
Even its \"historical artwork\" label can\'t save it.
Isn\'t that how it works in today\'s America? . .
Find, find, find. . .
What. . .
It offends him/her and makes him/her angry and may make it disappear forever and make them happy. . .
At least before they go out next time?
Great generals, monuments and reminders when Robert E\'s statue
I don\'t believe Lee came to New Orleans recently.
In fact, \"don\'t believe\" is not the right word because I believe.
I believe there are some people who don\'t have any problems and tear down one of our history at a time!
In reality, my thoughts are more along the way. . .
Yes, it really happened in the United States!
Throughout my school year, I have often heard Lee be described as one of the greatest generals in our history.
Not the greatest man.
Not a perfect person.
We are not talking about perfect or perfect people, but great generals. . .
He is one, and he is highly respected by the North and the South.
Lincoln asked Lee to lead the Federal Army, but Lee was Virginia and what it really meant in his 1800 s.
There is a lot of pride in a state of one person.
In addition to Virginia being his beloved home, he has family members scattered across the state.
He can\'t fight his country.
The equivalent of how we see our country)
And not against his own blood.
He was not the master of the slaves, he hated the concept, and in fact he inherited the slaves and released them, unlike his rival, Ulysses S. , in the north. Grant.
Yes, there are slaves in the north, even Ulysses.
Grant, will his statue come down?
Li\'s statue should never be removed for clarity and consistency. . . . .
Grant\'s should be in good condition too!
Another statue on the Chopping board is Johnny Reeb, an alliance soldier.
He has been in Orlando, Florida for more than 100 years, but Johnny has suddenly become offensive.
The statue stands in memory of the fallen Confederate soldiers.
Many young people were called up to fight in the southern states, some of whom were only 17 years old.
What do you think a 17 or 18 year old has to know about politics or what\'s really going on?
Many adults don\'t know!
These children fight to protect their land and their families.
I will not defend slavery, which is part of our ugly ugliness in the past, but removing the statue will not remove the fact that it happened and the fact that many Americans died at the end of slavery.
Nevertheless, many families who did not want to participate in the war were involved in the war, and many cities were completely destroyed.
Our children should know our history;
Okay, bad, ugly!
It should never be modified, whitewashed or deleted.
If the attack was carried out on the beam, or on the statue for more than 100 years, what would be next?
One of the four sides of the Washington Monument is \"Lao de\", which means praise to God.
From this side of the monument, the landscape was raised and finally created;
The White House to the north, the Jefferson Memorial Hall to the south, and the Lincoln Memorial Hall to the west form a perfect cross.
Today, I hear more often that the cross is entirely accidental.
OK, what about the \"God of praise\" section, is this also accidental?
\"Praise God\" is one of the four sides by chance, does it happen that there is a cross side?
How will this be omitted from history. . .
With trash and paint?
Memorial stone 200 (
Many stones including the Bible)
This is not an accident. They are an integral part of the Washington Monument. Are they safe?
For the freedom and justice of all!
From the torch raised high, the world saw the lighthouse of what freedom was like, to the broken shackles under her feet, representing the overthrow of tyranny, she stood up!
Will she always be on the lighthouse? Is she safe?
God bless, but I\'m not surprised because we \'ve made this crazy act worse.
When we look at it from another perspective, those who are trying to destroy the United States from within have been working tirelessly.
Although the destroyer started early, it will never rule out the determination of American enthusiasts and defenders.
We no longer look at the other way, we are no longer silent!
Peace Cross this is the next item on the chopping board.
It is a tribute to the veterans and a memorial to the soldiers killed in the first world war, which means that it has existed for nearly 100.
The cross stands in Prince George County, Maryland, commemorating 49 men from Prince George County who did not return. . .
They died in a foreign country and served America!
For those who insist on targeting these monuments that have stood the test of time, reminded and mourned the fallen soldiers, don\'t you feel ashamed?
In this country, I think, the losers against these different memorials are offended by words such as \"courage\", \"honor\", \"courage, of the many other commendable words used in the monument, for they are inadequate in all noble things. . .
And almost everything else!
We thought it was just a flag, just a bench, just one of the many flags, just a statue. . . . .
Statue of General Robert E.
Lee is the fourth and last person to be removed from Lee Circle Center in downtown New Orleans.
Just a few years ago, I was there, and if I knew what I knew at the time, I would take more photos to record our history, which was quickly deleted.
I don\'t want to share this with my grandchildren, but I have memories and I\'m recording. Additionally. . . . (
I appreciate my mom and dad buying a library book just to get rid of the annoying salesmen who used to knock on the door)
I didn\'t go back at the time, but I cherish it now!
I will pass on these books according to many factors. . .
They will either be cherished for future generations or will be sought for destruction.
As far as I know, the Democratic mayor of New Orleans plans to show the American flag in a new nude place. . .
Didn\'t he pay attention? Many anti-
On this issue, the colonists did not respect our flag, nor did they respect anything related to the United States of America.
It won\'t inflate them proudly, it just offended them and they are currently reviving!
However, they are not the only ones. Recently, many Americans have turned their backs on the flag for various reasons, but I believe a large part of the reason is that we are not educated enough about history.
I wonder how long the Stars and Stripes will swing in its majesty before this circle becomes empty again (
Another victim who was offended)
Let the Mayor look for something \"right\" to fill the gap?
Want to make a bet?
What\'s left to fill these gaps?
Don\'t answer this question.
I would prefer your recognition and the beginning of the Great Awakening. . .
And it will come soon!
Please continue to bless the United States of America, God!
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