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evaluate merits and demerits of marble tiles by jason colling

by:Shihui     2019-12-20

If you plan on installing tiles, then measure their pros and cons first before installing marble tiles at home.Marble is a natural stone made inside the Earth.Limestone is preserved at high temperature and high pressure, making it marble.Later, it was extracted from the Earth through the quarrying process and converted into marble tiles.Advanced technology provides us with the means to convert the stone into the desired shape or size.Therefore, marble tiles are very popular in home improvement projects.There are several advantages and disadvantages to installing these tiles.The beauty of marble is the main reason for its popularity.You can find them in a variety of colors.These unique tiles have a unique texture and design, which is the reason for their large-scale practicality.Each tile is unique and opens up space for creativity.Marble is a hard stone.The added durability makes it a durable tile material.It has no scratches, debris and cracks.If you have a dog in your house, you won\'t be afraid of scratches on the floor.The service life of marble tiles is very long.They are part of several monuments and temples.The eternal beauty of these historic places is a vivid depiction of the life of this natural stone.But marble tiles also have some disadvantages.This natural stone is a bit expensive.Prices range from $4 to $8 per square foot.The price range depends on the texture of the stone.They are in the form of polishing and polishing, so you can choose them according to your tile needs.Marble is available for kitchen countertops and walls.But they are not suitable floor tiles.Any overflow on the surface will spoil the tile.Tiles deteriorate due to the overflow of red wine and juice.Sometimes it may also need to be replaced.Therefore, the cost of maintenance is high.So before buying marble tiles for his/her home, tile buyers should evaluate these factors.
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