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fantasy map coasters

by:Shihui     2020-01-31
Whether you\'re in an epic battle against the Goblin tribe, run a marathon in the middle of Frodo --
Earth, or with the coming winter going deep into legend, this is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the adventure and rest your drinks.
It\'s completely open customization, prints out whatever you want, and you can put them on top of you and make a great gift at the last minute.
What is needed for this project.
Map Section: you can use the map or page in the atlas you already have.
I chose to print out some parts of the map I like.
I cut these parts into 4 of x 4 with a square.
Brush: any brush can solve this problem.
It just needs to be able to distribute your Mod Podge evenly.
Tile: I found some tumbling marble tiles that looked very beautiful at the local hardware store.
My Square is four in four.
Scissors: you need something to cut and trim the map according to the size of the tile.
Mod Podge: this will bind the map to the tile and act as a seal.
On top of that, I would say you might want to put something down on your workstation.
So the first step is to do some preparatory work.
The tiles you are using may have some dirt or dust in the store.
You can use soap and water, compress air or brush them off.
No matter what weapon you choose, just make sure the tile surface is clean.
A clean surface will allow you to use the Mod Podge or other glue to better grasp the surface of the tile.
If not, it is possible for you to have peeling or bubbles on the map.
When it comes to maps, keep cutting down your pieces.
I chose the 4x4 print output but this does not completely surround the edges.
If you really want that full look, go ahead and make them a little bigger and trim them to your liking.
Weathering will make the pieces of the map look like they live a rough life.
This step is completely optional, but I think it works really well for natural and tumble tiles.
Start by turning your map square into a small ball.
Then undo it and let it flatten again to evaluate what the character of the map looks like now.
If you want more characters, roll it up again.
You can also add creases to it, rate it with scissors, or if you dare to tear it and wear a few holes on it.
Not shown: for another degree of weathering, brush it on some coffee or paint.
Slide or splash some randomly on the surface.
Immerse the glass in the medium and press it on the surface of some well-used rigs.
Be creative and mix it up.
Open your Mod Podge or choose glue.
So, put your map face down and apply it evenly to the back with a lot of glue.
Next, apply some on the surface of the tile.
Then Square the map on the tile and spread the map on it.
When you apply, you may need to add more glue to the tile.
It is OK to add weight on the glue app, just make sure it is even later.
You must be gentle and firm at this stage.
Once the map is applied to the surface, gently attack it from all angles with a brush.
This will enable the paper to be presented on the surface of the tile, give it features and ensure a better combination between the two.
Not all parts want to be laid or outlined on the surface of the tile.
The extra glue will make the paper softer and have a better seal on the tile.
Be careful that once saturated, the paper is more likely to be torn and torn in a way that you may not have thought.
The paper can be flipped by itself and can be glued together.
A tear may occur when you try to remove it.
Slowly, slowly.
Once the first dress is completely dry, we can start.
The application of multiple layers will strengthen the roller coaster and cover the rough edges that may scratch or damage the desktop.
First add an extra layer to the top.
Once completely dry, flip it and apply a layer on the bottom and sides.
Then repeat the first step.
Do this two or three more times depending on how much you wear your coat.
Wearing more thin coats is better than wearing less thick coats.
Everything is done!
If you want to take it to a new level, you can buy some acrylic fixtures and spray a few coats for extra protection.
Also, if you feel uncomfortable wrapping the tiles, or want to save material, look at the felt, rubber, or cork self-adhesive pads, and if you have time, you can also assemble the coasters, they can make a real map and become half
Features in this regard.
I hope you have a good time if you decide to try this and enjoy it.
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