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floor tile cutting - achieving angle cuts and fine trimming with the wet tile saw

by:Shihui     2020-01-26
When a part of the floor tile needs to be cut to fit precisely around a fixed object, such as around the bathroom unit, then using an electric wet brick saw can make things easier.
In the case that the standard tile crusher cutting can only break the tiles in straight lines, the wet tile saw can remove the corners without damaging the tiles beyond the scope of use.
Before cutting, we need to first mark the area that needs to be removed.
This is best done using the speed squared as it keeps the line at a perfect angle relative to the outer edge of the tile.
As soon as we marked our part, the wet tile saw started to work.
The wet tile saw is basically a table saw with a rotating diamond blade partially submerged in the water.
These diamond blades are made specifically with cutting products of masonry nature, but in order to avoid premature damage, it is necessary to use water as a cooling method to prevent burning.
Under the console of the wet tile saw is a basin full of water, but be careful how much water is applied to the basin.
Too much can cause spills and splashes, too little can cause the blades to dry and cause damage, so the water level should always be checked constantly, just as some people will penetrate during regular use.
The use of water when cutting floor tiles or any other masonry product also limits any excess concrete dust emissions.
In addition to cleaning up after any cut is done is a hassle, it is also harmful if the concrete dust is sucked in for a long time.
Other methods of dry tile cutting can be used with hand-held Angle Mills with disposable grinding or diamond tip blades, but do not use water due to obvious compatibility reasons related to electrical appliances, these dust emissions are just an inconvenience.
Certain safety areas should be considered when using an electric wet tile saw.
When using any power tool, the user should wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.
Since the wet saw blade is easy to discharge particles during operation, protective glasses and earmuffs should always be used, as well as making a lot of noise that can cause hearing damage for a long time.
In addition, as an additional precaution during operation, wet tile saws should be placed on a work table with a solid structure or preferably on the floor.
There is nothing more solid than the ground, though, and if you choose not to wear a knee brace, you will soon find that this increases comfort.
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