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getting creative with peel and stick tile

by:Shihui     2020-03-21
Do you like the appearance of slate tiles? But don\'t you think you have the ability to fix the installation issue and can\'t afford the professionals to do the job?
Or the cost of a stone or slate is not in your budget --
Maybe this trick is for you.
There are a few vinyl stripping and tiling outside, the grade is very good and looks very good.
In a corner of our kitchen we have an actor
Iron independent gas log furnace.
It is a rocking chair on both sides and a comfortable rest area.
When we installed the stove, we put it in a raised 6-
The inch platform made of plywood can lift it higher.
The walls in that corner were tilted from 8 feet to about 12 feet, and we thought it would look really good to put slabs or natural stones in the corner around the stove.
The cost of natural stone is prohibitive for us and one day when we look at the slate we pass by the vinyl tile area and see a color that we really like, that is
The tiles are very heavy and feel good.
I still have a light bulb on my head.
My husband was not sure at first. . .
He worries that it looks like a vinyl tile stuck to the wall.
But in some compelling cases, when we realized that it didn\'t look right after we applied some tiles, he finally agreed that we could return the rest of the tiles, we only
So we brought a few boxes of vinyl tiles.
We will soon be able to put the tiles on the wall, not ready in advance
As the walls are only painted clean, prepare for work.
Almost no cutting was involved, which was done with a razor.
We also spread the raised platform under the stove.
Not long ~
Only a few nights to hear the tiles falling
To make it clear that the adhesive on the back of the tile is not enough to keep the tile on the wall, especially near the stove where the temperature keeps going from hot to cold.
This also poses a fire hazard when some tiles fall onto the stove.
So we bought the Gorilla Glue (
Liquid Nails will also work)and re-
Fix the tiles on the wall.
It worked, and then they stayed up late.
As our kitchen is in progress, we may trim the area with matching molds when we finally finish the kitchen and add the trimmer and mold.
The result is that my fireplace has a beautiful background.
Whenever a guest walks into my kitchen, they appreciate it first, then walk over and touch the tile and ask what it is. . .
They never guessed it was a vinyl tile until I told them.
You just want to be careful when choosing a tile, don\'t pick the shiny stuff that is obviously vinyl, unless vinyl is the look you want to achieve!
You always want to be careful about what you have installed near any type of heat source and the distance you have installed it.
Be sure to make sure it is firmly attached so that it does not loose and fall, there is no fire hazard, and it does not fall and hit someone and hurt them!
When using any type of glue, make sure to follow the manufacturer\'s instructions and keep the area well ventilated.
It is also a good idea to turn off any indicator lights and make sure there is no open fire.
I will also try this type of tile in the exterior area of the traditional fireplace to refresh it or try it in the kitchen tailgate area.
I am thinking of adding the same tiles as the tailgate in my kitchen to combine these two areas of my kitchen.
I would be happy to send photos to anyone who wants to see how this project develops.
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