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glass tile backsplash - so many choices

by:Shihui     2019-12-30
Where to begin?
Today, there are a lot of options for your tailgate, where do you start?
Let\'s start with a breakdown of the available glass brick types. Recycled glassEye-
Colorful, rustic, and eco-friendly recycled glass makes recycled glass your ideal choice!
Due to the hand-made features of this tile series, the tone, color and size of each tile should vary.
Most recycled glass consists of 30 to 70% glass from bottles and/or other waste glass that would otherwise enter the solid waste stream.
The most popular sizes are 1 \"x 1\" and 1 \"x 2\" brick.
Gem glass-
The color of the gemstone glass mosaic is unique and very elegant, and it blends together when the glass is still in a molten state, so the color will never go away.
All of the gem glass mosaics are characterized by variations in color, Whirlpool and shadow.
This series will have an array of 5/8 \"x 5/8\", 1 \"x 1\" or even some 1 \"x 2\" sizes. Stained glass -
There are two different types of colored glass to consider.
First, there are colored glass that are actually made into flakes and then cut into different mosaic sizes ranging from 5/8 \"x 5/8\" to 2 \"x 2, there are also small brick patterns usually 1/4 \"x2\" and 4-
There are 6 different sizes on a mosaic.
This type is usually corrected or more square, clean cut mosaic.
The second is to pour into the mold and then pop the type of tile.
This type usually has more uneven textures, which will make its color and texture change brilliant.
This style usually has 2 \"x 2\" or 4 \"x 4\" sizes.
This style usually does not install the grid, and more work will be involved in the installation process.
Transparent glass mosaic
This is probably the first and most common glass brick of the tailgate.
This is a simple 1 \"x 1\" or 1 \"x 2\" clear glass, and the actual colored paper attached to the back of the tile gives it a bright color.
This has a thickness of 4mm and 8mm.
Don\'t get me wrong, there are more glass options than I described.
In today\'s emerging markets, creativity and products are unlimited.
These are just some of the more popular glass ideas that most kitchen tailgates in the US see and use on a daily basis.
What to do is to enter your project with an open mind and not be overwhelmed by the choice.
Take a moment and enjoy the possibility as your tailgate will be amazing no matter what glass you choose!
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