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go for on-trend emerald green mosaic tiles in 2013

by:Shihui     2019-12-24
After the famous color expert Pantone announced that the new color this year will be emerald green, emerald green is the color of this year.
So the world will go green in 2013!
Every December, Pantone, the global color authority, publishes forecasts for the next year. Other colors that get the best position include honeysuckle, turquoise, mimosa and blue iris.
The official color of 2012 Orange was last year and has been replaced by lively, glowing, lush green, a color of elegance and beauty that enhances our happiness
Balance and harmony.
Therefore, emerald green will become the hottest shade of 2013, the color of many cultures and religions, the beauty of China and the new life, and in many countries, Green has been chosen as a symbol of healing and unity.
Precious gems may also come to mind when you think of emerald green, but let your imagination run wild with this vivid, green and very \"present\" color
If you want to redecorate a room and create a new look in a tired space at home, then why not choose this color now, emerald green?
Choose glass and wall tiles to make your home look the same as it is now.
You can add a touch of luxury, shine and sophistication to your interior with gorgeous glass mosaic tiles.
This will mean that your home is not only popular, but with the colors of growth, renewal and prosperity, emerald green will bring a sense of calm and clarity in today\'s busy world.
So, if you\'re looking for a cool bathroom look to relax, then adding this refreshing green look might be your choice.
Or if you want to create a Zen-
Just like a spare room where you can relax and relax, this is also your choice.
Even if you want a family room where everyone can relax, the green mosaic tiles can help you create an atmosphere and feel your desires.
So, be prepared for the green and play a huge role in home decoration this year.
The emerald green will look like a day in 2013, from the red carpet and interior design to the automotive industry, this cheerful color is everywhere and you may want to try it at home too!
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