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Granite Countertops and Glass Wall Tile Ideas

by:Shihui     2020-01-05
The properties and richness of granite are well combined with the versatility and brightness of glass bricks to create durable eyesCapture the surface.Granite countertops and glass tiles are available in a variety of colors and textures to suit a variety of styles and flavors.The natural tones of granite shine with sparkling spots and colored crystals of quartz, mother cloud and quartz, while glass bricks have a wide variety of solid or patterned colors, from crisp white and neutral earth tones to vibrant rainbow tones.To balance the dramatic visual interest of the spotted granite countertops, choose simple glass wall tiles with pastel colors.To be cohesive, add a tile border to the color of the granite texture.For example, cream or light gray granite countertops with Brown and copper-to-spot, and off-White glass tile with copper tile frame.The features and gloss of bronze fume hood or faucet, antique copper pot and warm wood furniture complement the rich brown color in granite.Or, for a bolder approach, use a mosaic of glass bricks of various colors extracted from the stone to show the change of granite in color and pattern.The granite also has solid colors and very few patterns, making the complex arrangement of glass tiles the center of the stage.The low-key charcoal granite slate is in perfect contrast to the bright turquoise glass brick in the shape of a complex lantern.Alternatively, pair a simple, undecorated black granite countertop with a small granite countertopSquare glass brick in black and white inches-Capture board graphics.Enhance contrast by selecting honed granite in a matte finish to side with the smooth finish of the glass brick.For a seamless look, install a granite countertop in the wall section.It creates an ideal location for convenient shelves for placing soap, condiments or small cooking cans.The sturdy granite tailgate is easier to keep clean, allowing you to choose more sophisticated glass tiles with thicker, more grout joints on the walls above.Weak links on the surface of the tile, the grouting joint is more vulnerable to water damage than the tile itself.Placing the tiles in a higher position on the wall can avoid splash and overflow, keeping the original shape of the tiles.For a more economical approach, choose the granite countertops mounted on the tiles instead of a large board.Match the size of the glass wall tiles with the granite countertop tiles for a more uniform feel.Use large tiles and thin grout lines on walls and countertops to make the surface look smoother.Minimize the size and quantity of grouting joints, making the surface more durable as well.For a unique stripe effect, use long tiles perpendicular to the wall that go through the countertop and fold in front of the edge of the countertop.The alternating color of each stripe further highlights the effect.
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