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by:Shihui     2020-03-24
The painful heel is the fourth conern that brings the patient into many family doctor offices, and the first concern that brings the patient to the office of the foot doctor (foot doctor.
There are many reasons for heel pain, but most of them are caused by plantar fasciitis.The foot is the bottom of the foot.The fascia is a \"bundle\" of ligaments or ligaments \".The plantar fascia is a thick ligament that helps support the foot and provides the spring in our steps.
Plantar fasciitis (plan-tar FASHEE-Itis) is an inflammation of the plantar fascia that causes more than 90% of heel pain in American adults.
Plantar fasciitis can be acute, that is, as a simple strain of the ligament, but usually chronic, and will last for several months if not for a few years.Why is that?The answer is poor foot mechanics, and as each step goes on, the foot sinks too far, causing the plantar fascia to stretch over.
If the plantar fasciitis is acute, that is, a sprain of the plantar fascia, then it is basically regarded as a sprain with resistanceInflammatory Drugs, ice, rest, may be physical therapy.If it is chronic, it is necessary to solve the problem of poor foot mechanics.
Change foot mechanics by using special molded studs known as correction.People with plantar fasciitis need an organization designed to release the pressure of the plantar fascia.Correction is often confused with arch support.By supporting the arch, the arch can remove some tension from the plantar fascia.On the other hand, corrective tics does most of the work on the heel and the ball of the foot, repositioning the foot for maximum functionality.
What can you do before you go to the foot doctor?First, try to do your own version of deep tissue massage by rolling the frozen coke bottle or jar forward from the heel to the arch.Do it gently.Do stretching, but the key to good stretching is not to stretch too hard, so usually avoid stretching with heavy weight (standing) but sit on a soft surface like your bed, pull your feet back on your legs as much as possible, keep it for 20 seconds, and relax for 5 seconds.
\"Set\" can be repeated 5 times every 25 seconds, and you have put in about 2 minutes to give yourself a lot of help.
Pay attention to the shoes you wear.It\'s tempting to buy bright-colored, soft shoes.Bad proof of soft shoes here.Wrap the pillow around your feet with tape and walk a block or two.As your feet sink deeper into the soft surface and allow the ligaments to stretch more, your feet will get more hurt.Shoes should be stiff at the handle and flexible at the ball.For running enthusiasts, this shoe is known as a Sports Control shoe or a stability shoe, so it\'s a good start to go to a small professional running shoe store.
If you don\'t have a desk job or an industrial job, check to see if there is light work.In most cases, your doctor may only need a note and most doctors will be happy to help.
Correction through the treatment of the cause of the problem, resulting in healing within 90% of the time.A few patients waited so long that the plantar fascia became thickened, full of scar tissue, and did not get the help of \"conventional\" means.Traditionally, these patients require surgical treatment in which the plantar fascia is cut off from the heel.Fortunately, most operations have been replaced by a relatively new treatment model-ESWT or in vitro shock wave therapy.ESWT includes multiple shock waves applied to the tendon or ligament of the lesion, with a success rate of about 85-90%.Keep in mind that what we are talking about is the success rate of patients with \"difficult cases\", that is, they have been treated routinely.
The ESWT machine looks like a miniature kidney stone cutter (kidney stone crusher ).ESWT has few side effects other than the price, as only about 30% of insurance companies are paying for it.They realize that this is cheaper and safer than surgery, but also know that more people who are willing to undergo surgery will not have any problems when they receive ESWT, so that the guarantee for the service will increase.
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