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history of tiles -

by:Shihui     2020-01-17
The fiery roof tiles were in the early inferno house of Greek Lerner tiles, making the same time as 3rd BC.The debris generated at this location controls thousands of mud tiles that fall off the roof.In the myceny era, roof tiles were recognized for Gla and radio.The original discovery of ancient Greek roof tiles is familiar in a very controlled area around Corinthians (Greece), where burning tiles are incited to replace Apollo and Poseidon ·650 BC.Roof tiles spread rapidly, showing many parts of the eastern Mediterranean in fifty years, including the Greek mainland, the western part of Asia Minor, southern and central Italy.Original roof tile presentation S-Shape, starting from part with Pan and masking tiles.They are some big businesses, each weighing about 30 kg.More comfortable and LaborTheir sketches are more dense than tiles, clarified by their important improved fire fighting, which provides the expected defense for expensive shrines.The scope of the roof tile method must be noted at the same time as the antique Greek giant building.Separately, it seems that the stone walls that replaced the previous mud bricks and wooden walls are strong enough to provide the heavy weight of the cement roof.As a side-The effect, surprisingly, is that the new pebbles and tile structures in Greek buildings are also escorted to the end of the \"Knickknack\" (Knickknack) building as they complete the basic functions of the long roof, as an outdated rain-proof measure for mud brick walls.In the 14 th century, when urban organizations basically used fire protection resources, the manufacturing of Dutch roof tiles began.At that time, most of the houses were made of wood, with stubble on the roof, and a fire could burn the whole city.For content exploration, many slight roof tile creators incited to harvest roof tiles by hand.Many of these minor wheat shops have set up manufacturing plants near streams in order to gain the capacity of clay and the comfort of transportation.Tao WA does not include substances that destroy fitness.During the process, the quarterly air will never be affected by hydraulic tile cement and grouting, so a pleasant room guarantees a strong life.Pottery tiles have a locked surface at high temperatures.Allergic materials such as Louses and house powder can hardly relax or grow on this exterior.The ceramic lid has proper ventilation, avoiding the manufacture of molds in rooms with high moisture content such as bathrooms, kitchens and restrooms.Pottery tiles are tasteless and they do not emit smell or store smoke or smell.Due to its ability to store and behave heat, Taowa is mainly suitable under floor boilers.Uniform heat delivery saves boiler costs and dust is reduced due to low air flow.As a result, the air in the area is less polluted by mixed dust.Add normal maintenance and dust remover to the floorClean water is optional for routine care.
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