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How about credentials for natural stone mosaic of Shihui Stone?
Several national and international quality certificates have been obtained for natural stone mosaic , following years of development. We have a R&D team dedicated to its development. They make every effort to improve the technology and simplify the process. They offer support during the quality control and the quality certification. The workers are all well trained. An inter-check mechanism has been set up to make sure the product is manufactured in a standard way.

Ranking a top position, Xiamen Shihui Stone Co., Ltd plays an important role in leading the development of solid stone countertops industry. According to the material, Shihui Stone's products are divided into several categories, and tile stone mosaic is one of them. Featuring flame spread resistance, this product meets the fire codes. Fire retardant has been added to its material during the production to enhance its anti-fire capacity. Treated by fine polishing workmanship, its surface is smooth to touch. The huge user base gives a huge impetus to this product. This product, with unique textures, enables people to have the flexibility to design the countertop.

Under the monitoring of new media and activist groups, the company strives to minimize environmental impacts and reduce resources waste. These movements help it to establish a good business reputation in society. Check now!
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