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How to Buff Travertine Stone Tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-28
Over time, the finish on the lime tiles will be worn and scratched by chairs, pets and shoes.This makes the tiles look dull and ugly.Polish to remove scratches and refresh the floor.Using a special polishing pad with a polishing machine is like polishing off all the flaws and re-surface the tiles.Since the lime tiles are always colored, there is no need to worry about damaging the surface.Mop the floor to remove all built-inBuild up dirt, oil and other debris from the pores of the tile.Dry Water with wet vac.Mix a batch of filled compounds according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.Use this compound to fill cracks, fragments and holes in the tiles.Wrap the compound tightly in cracks and holes and apply sufficient amount to extend it above the surface of the tile.Let the filling solidify according to the instructions.Cover the doorway into the room or close the door.Close the vent of the room.This prevents dust from spreading throughout the house.Open the window for ventilation.Put a plastic cloth on any non-movable object in the room.This includes a substrate, cabinet or electrical appliance, which is necessary to prevent damage caused by contact with the polishing machine.Check the polishing machine to ensure it is in good working condition.Clean any dirt or debris outside the moving parts of the machine as they interfere with the operation.Install a 100-Sand diamond polishing pad on floor polishing machine.Unlock the power cord and make sure it\'s behind the machine.When using a wet diamond polishing pad, fill the well on the buffer with water.The dry polishing pad does not require you to fill the well.Guide the machine to smooth out any uneven spots on the floor, level the patch that just filled the cracks and remove the scratches.Guide the machine with long, even strokes, and don\'t concentrate in any one place for too long, otherwise you will leave traces of the whirlpool.Keep grinding until you finish the whole floor.Change the pad on the machine to 200-Grind the diamond polishing pad and do a second polishing on the entire floor.Once done, repeat the process with 400-Sand pad, then 800-grit pad.Continue to polish the floor until the required gloss is reached, adding the courage of the liner as needed.Replace each layer of sand of the polishing pad as needed.Over time, the mat will wear out and will not buffer the floor properly once it gets dark.Wipe the tiles with clear water to remove any dust or debris left by polishing.Then vacuum the water with wet vac.Before sealing, completely dry the floor tiles to protect them from contamination.
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