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How to Build a Climate-Controlled Salami Room

by:Shihui     2020-01-15

Fanatics of salami often want to ferment and heal their sausages strongly.A simple grill carved out of an old refrigerator is large enough to meet the needs of most home sausage manufacturers.However, when you start baking sausages for the whole family, a small climate --A controlled sausage chamber may become necessary.Commercial equipment specifically designed for this process is available, but it can push the startup cost of your home sausage making adventure to the cloud.However, if you are willing to manually adjust the climate setting of your room, you can turn any window-free space into a sausage treatment room within a reasonable budget.Choose a location that already has a small window, or you can make a hole in the outside of the window air conditioner, where all you need to do is add a minimum of new joints.Buy a window air conditioning unit that is equivalent to the square feet of your future salami room.Any carpet and wood decoration will be stripped off.Remove any windows and board them temporarily.The frame on the open side of the room is rough and a stud is placed every 2 feet m.Measure your steel door and increase the allowance specified by the manufacturer for the door frame.Gasket the frame at the top and bottom.Screw it firmly onto the walls, ceiling and floor.Fit the pre-Hang the door at the door of the frame and block it out.Check the door for plums before screwing to the frame.Measure your air conditioning housing with an increase of 1/4 per side.The existing window of the frame is open or pre-Cuts of these sizes.Please have a licensed electricianOn the special outlet of the air conditioner, as well as the outlet of the humidifier and fan that is away from the air conditioner.Guide the electrician-In the light on the ceiling and in the switch near the door opening.Use the drywall screw to hang the drywall on the outside of the frame, and each screw needs to be drilled.Put the pieces together closely.Tape the seams with dry wall tape.Cover the tape and 1/2 on both sides with dry wall compound and fill the screw holes.Install batt insulation from the interior of the room using construction nails.Cut a piece of marine plywood for the room floor.Screw to the floor.Install water-Resistant drywall on frame wall, cut small hole with drywall sawin electrical.Pass the wire through the hole.Existing walls and ceilings of drywall if they have extensive damage.Fix the drywall but do not tape or apply the compound.In all sizes, the vinyl floor is cut one inch wider than the room.Start putting it in the farthest corner, and place vinyl on both sides of the wall that radiates from that corner.Smooth the vinyl material down as you go through the back wall.Push vinyl into the second corner (don\'t bend all the time) and cut off the excess.Continue along the walls, trim and push the vinyl material onto the floor.Repeat the front wall.Go back to the corner at the back and check for the last time whether vinyl is appropriate.Fold the vinyl floor to reveal the second half of the ground floor.Apply the building adhesive to the ground floor until you are within 6 inch of the vinyl.Expand vinyl, quickly roll out any bubbles and smooth them to any corner.Allow glue to stick together before repeating the other half of vinyl.Apply a wide seam bead around the wall floor.Cut the part of the foam board to install on the dry wall and cut the opening for wiring.Starting from the rear corner, stick the foam board to the wall for a while at a time.Fill each joint.Repeat the ceiling using a glue that can be immediately tightened.Call the electrician to complete the electrical installation with an outdoor rated socket and socket.Complete the exterior of the chamber and repair any damaged siding.Install the air conditioner by tilting the air conditioner from the inside through the hole.Use pre-screw it to the wallDrill holes to install holes on the frame.Apply the cauldron where the air conditioner meets the wall.Set the humidifier in a corner away from the air conditioner to prevent it from overworking.Place the oscillating fan in the corner of the diagonal of the air conditioner to encourage air circulation.Install stainless steel hooks on the ceiling at least 18 inch from the wall.Hang a basic moisture meter and thermometer near where your sausage will be cured.Set the air conditioner to the temperature specified in the salami recipe and do the same with the humidifier.Seal the room for 12 hours before checking the settings against the humidity meter and thermometer.Adjust until the chamber reaches the correct temperature and humidity.
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