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How to Build a Hinged Countertop

by:Shihui     2020-01-15

The hinge countertop comes in handy when the counter space in the kitchen is limited.When you need to prepare the surface space of the meal, you can lift the counter part of the hinge to the horizontal working position and fold it in the kitchen.The garage is also suitable for folding counters, and the space can be compact.If you install one outside, you can use the hinge counter in various garden items;It doubles as a buffet table when barbecuing.The simple hinge countertop is easy to build because there are a wide variety of locking hinges to choose from, so there is no need to install the bracket under the countertop.Use a tape measure to measure the required width of the table surface from the wall where the countertop is installed.Mark the dimensions on the floor with chalk.Check the outline and look around to see if anything is inaccessible: Ask yourself, \"Do I have to put the counter in order to open the oven or fridge?\"Such problems.Mark the size on a thick plywood or pellet board.Cut wood with a reciprocating saw.Keep both sides of the board straight.Smooth the edges, top and bottom of the board with sandpaper.Polish in any area that looks like it will slide the user.Paint the wood with waterproof paint.The best paint for this project is durable and washable paint.Use two or three coats to completely cover the countertop.Let the paint dry completely before installing it on the hinge.Use the stud finder to find the studs nail on the wall and mark the stud nail position with a pencil.Select two bolts located near the center of the project area.The ideal Bolt will be directly in the center with an interval of 2 feet.Place the height of the Carpenter against the wall and align the bolt marks to keep them horizontal.Attach the folding shelf bracket to the wall with screws and an electric screwdriver.At least two screws are used for each bracket.Set the counter at the top of the extension bracket and check if it is level.Keep the counter in place and screw it into the bracket.When folded, the countertop is about 1/4 away from the wall.
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