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How to Clean Stone Tile Flooring

by:Shihui     2020-01-23

The slate, which is commonly used for stone tile floors, is porous, meaning that it is easy to absorb residues in spills and soil.It\'s fragile too--Acid cleaners like vinegar can destroy slate tiles.This means that serious prevention in order to keep the stone tile floor clean is worth the effort.Clean any spills immediately, sweep the stone tiles at least once a week, and wipe the dust mop once.Clean loose sundries on the stone tile floor with regular brooms and dustpan.Run a soft fluffy dust mop on your stone tile floor.This will help to remove dust and dirt between tiles.Fill the bucket with hot water.Dip a clean mop into a bucket of hot water, squeeze out excess water, and pass the mop through the floor.Rinse the mop clean and dip it into the bucket every once in a while to keep it warm and wet.Add mild liquid dish soap to the bucket if necessary to remove heavy soil or sticky residue.Make sure to return to the tile with clean water afterwards and wash off any soap residue.
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