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how to clean travertine tiles with homemade products?

by:Shihui     2020-01-27
Lime tiles belong to the family of natural stone.
It is closely similar to limestone.
Its endurance is close to limestone tiles.
Lime China is widely used in bathroom applications.
Lime showers are popular among housewives.
Usually, the shower area has a polished surface with a smooth surface.
This feature is attributed to the application of sealing materials.
However, the caulking does not ensure that the tiles remain perfect as always.
You need to clean and maintain them on a regular basis.
The whole concept is to use high-quality sealant and detergent to keep the surface free of errors.
The lime tiles are a bit different, and their natural structure gives them an advantage over synthetic tiles.
Therefore, ceramic, ceramic or fiberglass cleaners cannot be used for these tiles.
The above proposition does not mean that you cannot clean the lime tile.
Here is a simple cleaning option for you.
These instructions will help you achieve favorable results.
You need a gentle non in the process
Acid soap, household bleach, sponge, rubber gloves and bucket.
Clean with a soft sponge.
Keep in mind that a hard sponge can cause scratches on the surface of the tile.
Now, wet the sponge
It\'s acid soap.
Rub the lime tile with a sponge.
Don\'t forget to pay attention to the gray area near the corner of the tile.
The area has the largest deposits of dirt and stains.
After scrubbing, put on the gloves and mix a portion of the homemade bleach in ten portions of water to prepare the solution.
Mix the solution thoroughly in the barrel.
After preparing the mixture, disperse the bleach solution on the surface.
Let it stand for a while and make the stubborn stain wet and removable.
Now wipe the stain with a soft sponge.
You can also repeat the whole process until the stain is completely removed.
Don\'t forget to rinse the floor with clear water.
This is necessary to avoid the development of surface stripes due to chemical deposition.
So clean the tiles with this technology and always keep them beautiful.
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