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How to Cover a Tile Backsplash

by:Shihui     2020-03-08
The tile is usually used for the kitchen tailgate as it is durable, easy to clean and has a variety of colors and patterns.However, if your tile tailgate is better off or you can\'t stand the color anymore, tearing it off and replacing it can be an expensive item.Covering your tailgate can be a better option when you have a budget.There are actually several ways to cover up an unattractive tile back panel, so it looks like it\'s new and can decorate the entire kitchen with a new one.Paint is an effective solution when the main problem with the tile back panel is color.This is also one of the cheapest methods.The key is to prepare the tiles correctly and choose the right paint type.Before picking up the brush, you must thoroughly clean the tiles and grout to remove any dirt, grease or other residue that may prevent the paint from attaching.The bathroom cleaner with gentle grinding can prepare the paint well for the tiles.Select oil when selecting paint-Base or epoxy formula since waterThe base paint can peel off the surface of the tile.A high-gloss or semi-When painting on the tile, the gloss paint works best.While you can paint the entire tailgate in one color, you get a more decorative look by using multiple colors and creating a board or diamond pattern.The template can give you a custom look at the tailgate you draw.If you want to temporarily choose to cover the old tile tailgate with a color or pattern you don\'t like, vinyl wall decals are an ideal alternative to paint.These decals are also known as tile tattoos, like small stickers covering individual tiles.There are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.Cover all tiles with decals, change the design of the tailgate completely, or use decals on other tiles to create Board effects.When you use stickers with patterns, place them in a random position to create \"accent tiles\" and add spices to the boring neutral tailgate.If the color and texture of your tile tailgate is a problem, pressing tin ceiling tiles is the ideal solution to cover them.These tiles have a variety of raised decorative patterns, so there will be sure to be a choice that will suit your kitchen style.Applying them to existing tiles is also a fairly simple process.Just like painting, you have to thoroughly clean the tiles with a gently ground cleaner to remove any residue that may prevent tin adhesion.To stick the tin to the tile, you can use the caulking gun to apply the construction glue to the tailgate and press the tin in place.To get the most polished look, add wood styling around the tin tiles to get the finished edge.You can give your kitchen a new cabinCover your dirty old tile tailgate with a beadboard and look inspired.The Beadboard is a decorative panel with raised stripes and corresponding grooves.Although White is the traditional color of the beadboard, you can apply any color to the rest of the kitchen decoration, or even decorate it with a natural wood finish.Installing a beadboard on the tile tailgate is similar to installing a tin ceiling tile.Cutting may be a necessary condition for the fit, as the beadboard usually has sheets large enough as wall panels.Once your tile tailgate is thoroughly cleaned, use a caulking gun to apply constructive adhesive to the tile tailgate and install the beadboard on it.By installing a decorative molding on the top and bottom of the beadboard, give the tailgate a finished look.
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