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how to cut tiles

by:Shihui     2020-01-26
If you are looking for the right way to cut your tiles, you are really taking on a hard task on your own;
However, this is a very commendable feature, and this article is to help you.
The good news about the process is that no matter what kind of tile you buy, or in which room you install it, it\'s almost the same, but the bad news is, tile cutting is probably the most difficult part of the entire installation process.
While this can be quite tricky, as long as you follow these simple instructions, you should cut the tiles like a professional at any time.
You need to start using some tools and materials before we start.
These tools include: tile cutting machine, tile pliers, tape measure, wet saw, wire, tile Sander, cardboard, felt
Pen and paper.
The main tiles may have been cut in some cases, but in this example we would assume that they have not been cut.
The first step is to measure how much tile space you have in total in your plan.
Once you draw the space, you can use it to determine how big each tile should be cut.
When calculating the size of each tile, make sure there is an inch octave between each tile for gout.
Also, porcelain tile pliers can be used for any touch
Ups is required on newly cut tiles.
It\'s always a good idea to practice on some scrap tiles once or twice before you start real work.
For thin, slightly thin tiles, you can use hand-cut tiles, but for something like granite or marble, you\'ll want to break the wet saw.
When cutting with a hand knife, be sure to cut as smoothly as a scissors, instead of cutting as many pieces as you cut the steak.
Multiple cuts are likely to work, but they cool the blade faster than using a solid cut.
To do this, you should pick up your felt pen tip and mark a line where you want to cut on the material board.
After drawing the line, connect the tile cutter so that it can be cut accurately on the drawing line.
After everything is locked and fixed, press the handle hard so it can be cut smoothly.
Repeat the process until you cut off all the main tiles.
The process of the border tile is basically the same as the main tile, just smaller.
A slightly different process you need to go through is cutting irregular parts to accommodate electrical appliances, pipes, or other obstacles.
To do this, you need to mark out your normal main tile size, but also consider something that will hinder the laying of the tile.
You can cut out the extra spots of the tile with a tile saw and then fix it a little with your tile pliers.
Pliers are actually the key to the process as they will help you smooth the tiles before you put them down forever.
Please don\'t hesitate to rest if you are tired of cutting tiles.
It\'s better to take a few minutes to relax and then try to rush through the process and make a sorry mistake.
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