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how to cut travertine tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-02
Lime China is a limestone rock similar to marble, but it is soft in texture and diverse in color.
It may be pure when used as a tile, or it may be filled with resin or cement to increase its strength and reduce the air hole rate.
Cutting lime tiles is simple.
Use an electric tile cutter to ensure a clean cut without debris.
Fill the reservoir below the tile cutter workbench with cold water.
When properly filled, the lower part of the cutting disc will be immersed in water.
Adjust the Cutting Guide--
Adjustable metal bar from front of workbench to rear-
The distance required to cut the blade.
For example, if you want to remove 2 inch from the width of the lime tile, set the cutting guide to 2 inch from the cutting disc.
Again, set the guide to half if you want to cut the tiles in halfa-
The width of the tile starting from the cutting disc.
Open the tile cutter and wait for the cutting piece to reach full speed.
This is achieved when the noise from the wheel reaches a constant spacing.
Before proceeding, check whether the reservoir is working and whether the cutting plate is damp;
What is sprayed from the disk should be obvious.
If not, close and check the reservoir.
Once the disc is wet, reduce the safety guard if a safety guard is installed.
Lay the lime tile flat on the workbench and lean the side you want to cut against the cutting rail.
Keep the tiles on the edge closest to you, then gently slide to the cutting plate.
Continue to guide the disc forward as it cuts into the tile.
When done correctly, the pressure is enough to keep the disc cut into the tile without causing the tile to slow down.
Continue to relax the tiles forward until the cut is complete.
Remove the uncut side of the tile from the cutting disc and turn off the power.
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