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How to Decorate With a Red Tile Floor in the Kitchen

by:Shihui     2020-01-02
From the Red Scream of the fire truck to orangey-The red color of the terracotta, the red tile floor in the kitchen looks very eye-catching.Red is vibrant.The key to decorating with a red floor is to use other colors wisely and let the floor play the leading role.No matter how much you admire your red floor, resist the urge to repeat red on other large surfaces, such as cabinets, countertops, walls, furniture and appliances.Red is a strong, highAffect the color and you can have too many good things.Plus a large piece of red, the floor will lose its luster.If you see the ocean in red, the eye will not notice any of the elements in red.Although the extra red blockbusters have come out, season your kitchen with some small red accents will make the red floor pop.You can use a red teapot and jar, or choose a fabric with a red pattern for window processing, chair cushions, or meal mats.If you have open shelves or glassIn the face of the cabinet, consider painting their back wall red.Incorporate red into your tailgate by spreading a small amount of red tiles into a grid-like design, or using mosaic tiles in red and other colors that are higher than your range.Unless you want to see it clearly, mix other colors in the room.Using three colors works well for most interior designs, especially if you follow 60-30-10 Law of proportion.Use 60% of the main color, 30% of the second color, and 10% of the third color.Unless your wall space is much more fragmented than around your cabinet and you paint them a color, assume red is your dominant color.The dyed wood is not color, nor is the soil tone of the metal finish or ceramic and stone.Light neutral substances such as white, ivory, bronze and light gray do not have to be calculated, but you can choose to use them as colors.For example, in a vintage kitchen with red, water and yellow, the white walls and cabinets are just the background.In a modern kitchen of red, white and light gray, you use white and light gray.Black, dark brown and dark gray are more tricky.It depends on how much you use on any one element.The background is an accent wall painted with black blackboard paint.If you paint each wall black, it\'s a color.While the red tile floor is usually the focus, you don\'t want all eyes to drop down at any time.Catch the eye by installing gallery walls of framed artwork, or filling display cabinets with collections of pewter, white iron ore or vintage porcelain.Hang art-Hang a glass chandelier on your island or a chandelier on your breakfast table.Window handling considering the top details, such as a shaped cornice plate or a valve with a tassel.
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