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How to Dress Up Flat Cabinets

by:Shihui     2020-01-16

The cabinets set the tone for the whole room, whether the space is a kitchen, an office or a bathroom, it can catch the eye right away.Depending on the finish, color, decor, and hardware, they can make the room look like a mess.The cabinet door is the easiest to dress up;The broad and flat surface is like a blank canvas on which a decorative \"masterpiece\" can be created \".Frame shaped frame cabinet door.Connect the mold with the finish nail, and sink the nail head counter with the DingTalk.If you want to keep the cabinet in the same color, stain or paint it before connecting the molding to the front of the cabinet door.If you want a brand new look, paint or stain the door and form it after installing the new decoration.Dress up the cabinet door by applying glue to the wood pattern with a large number of reliefs carved on the front.Apply the glue to the back of the pattern and hammer in several wells-Place the finishing nails and attach them to the cabinet.Tap the head of the finishing DingTalk with the DingTalk and put its counter into the finishing DingTalk.Before painting or dyeing patterns and the front of the cabinet, fill the small depression with wooden filler.Add hardware or change existing hardware.Just change the handle and drawer and the cabinet will be refreshed and will not be painted or stained.Choose wood, metal, ceramic, plastic or fancy shapes suitable for other decorations in the room.For example, add whimsical ducks to your child\'s bathroom cabinet or stylish nickelThere are plated drawers on the kitchen cabinets.A picture or picture collage on the cabinet door.Choose fruits and vegetables as a theme in the kitchen.Select images of the garden and plants for the garden cottage, including flowers.Integrate tool pictures for Craftsman\'s space for making or zooming in on photos of successful projects.
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