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How to File Porcelain Tiles

by:Shihui     2020-01-29
Tiles are one of the most durable materials in floor and wall design and are commonly used in commercial or industrial environments.Beautiful features also make it a popular choice for residential.Since the tiles are made of high temperature heated clay, the tiles have elastic and waterproof properties.Due to the lack of porous properties of many natural stone tiles, they can also have more rough edges after cutting.If necessary, these can be polished with tile files to provide a smooth and finished look for the visible edges.Do not wear protective gloves to protect your hands during filing.Wear a protective mask as a barrier to prevent porcelain dust from entering the eyes, nose or mouth in the air.Place the rough edges exposed by the tiles on a solid table or working surface, and the edges stand out 2 inch on the side of the table.Hold the rest of the tile firmly with one hand while filing with the other.Grab an alumina tile file in your free hand and rub back and forth on the rough edge of the tile with a strict stroke.Continue until the edges are smooth.Wipe the entire tile with a wet paper towel or soft cloth to remove any dust or dust accumulated during the filing process.If the tile absorbs moisture from the paper towel, please let it dry completely.Seal the polished edges with tile sealant designed for porcelain products.Seal the entire tile for additional protection if needed.According to the manufacturer\'s instructions, the sealant is allowed to dry.
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