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How to Get Scratches Out of Natural Stone Tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-01
Stone tiles bring natural elements to the interior of your home, making the room feel comfortable and intimate.Stone tiles are durable-But it is not indestructible.Dropping sharp or hard objects on a stone will leave scratches, and the furniture will also leave scratches.You don\'t have to endure the scratches on the stone though.You can grind the scratches on the stone tile in a few minutes to make the stone look as good as the new one.Wear goggles and dust shields.Grinds create a lot of dust and you don\'t want to breathe in or enter your eyes.Wipe the scratched area with water to remove the dirt and any residue left by the previous mopping.Dry the area with lintfree rag.Wait for it to dry completely.Place a 50-Sand diamond grinding/polishing discs on angle grinder.Move the grinder in several directions in a circular motion to grind off the area around the scratches and scratches so that they can be seamlessly mixed together.Feel the scratches with your fingers;Stop grinding when you barely feel the scratch, and in most cases it should be three to four times of the grinder.Change the grinding plate to 100-Sand plate, polish the scratch area of the stone again.This should remove all or almost all remaining scratches.Replacement 100Sand tray with 200Polish one and remove any final dents on the stone through several channels.Replacement 200Sand tray with 400Sand polishing pad.Continue the circulation movement on the top of the entire stone tile to produce a uniform gloss.This polishing pad does not leave a bright, shiny glow that is often seen on the granite, but it will make the tiles look clean and uniform.For a brighter shine, use 800-and 1,200-The sand mat after 400-grit.Check the tiles from several angles to make sure there are no signs of remaining scratches.Put your finger on the tile and feel scratched as well.If no scratches are left, unplug the plug and put away the angle grinder.Clean the tiles with a vacuum and remove the dust left by grinding the stone.Wipe the stone with water and remove any dust hidden in the vacuum cleaner.
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