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How to Grind Porcelain Tile

by:Shihui     2020-03-15

Tiles are a beautiful way to enhance your home.In some cases, you will need to grind this tile to remove the stained surface or shape the tile for a special installation.You need special equipment including angle grinder and porcelain grinding bit.This process is similar to polishing stone and other natural tiles.Follow these steps.Clean the tiles so they are free of grease and dirt.Wash with clear water and light soap.Dry with a towel.Place the tiles in the vise on the rubber edge, or give yourself space to grind the tiles if they still stick to the floor.Don\'t over tighten the vise because you want a comfortable fit that doesn\'t put too much pressure on the surface.Install the tile grinding plate on the angle grinder.Use small sand grains for more mirror polishing and coarse grinding using larger sand grains of 120 and higher.Gently apply pressure to the surface of the tile with a grinding plate.The start is very slow and the grinder is set at medium speed until you can feel how fast the tiles are grinding.Continue grinding with circular or side motion until the tiles are formed as needed.
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