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How to Install a Composite Kitchen Sink

by:Shihui     2020-01-15

The composite sink is made of two or more materials such as resin, acrylic acid, quartz and pigment, which is attractiveResistant, easyto-Clean and durable.The solid-Surface, no hole sink to withstand moderate wear and service for many years.The installation of a composite granite kitchen sink is a simple process that requires some basic tools.Close the water supply of the sink before starting.Remove the old sink and clean the sink cut before installing the new compound kitchen sink.Dry-Install the compound kitchen sink in the current sink hole to make sure it fits comfortably.Use the jigsaw puzzle to expand the cutouts on the counter if needed.Place the composite sink face down on sawhorse.Insert the tail of the faucet and supply the pipe up through the gasket and sink hole.Nuts and washers can also be screwed to the lower surface of the sink deck.Before tightening the nut, make sure that the tap can swing the complete arc on the surface of the composite sink.Circle a roll of thick plumber putty under the filter lip and insert it into the drain hole while the sink is still upside down.Slide the washers and washers on the filter, flush with the underside of the sink.Slide the locking device on the filter, fix it in place and tighten it with pliers.Slide the gasket over the tail piece and fix it on the filter with a nut.Tighten the nut to secure the assembly.While the sink is still down, run a circle of caulking around the lips of the sink.Turn it to the right and insert it into the sink hole.Connect the faucet to the shut-off valve using a woven steel hose.You can also connect the trap adapter to the tailpiece using a PVC pipe.Insert the lower end of the rod clip along the bottom of the composite sink into the drain hole.Expansion length is 2-by-The wood on the sink cut and its end is on the edge of the corresponding countertop.Lift the sink in place to make sure it\'s uniform.Tighten the clip to 2-by-When you install the sink, fix the sink with 4 pieces of wood.Apply the epoxy to the metal clip that comes with the assembly and attach it to the lower surface of the countertop to secure the sink in place.Read the manufacturer\'s instructions on the location and number of clips you need to use so your sink is stable.Install the sink faucet through the pilot hole on the countertop.Remove clips and wood.Wrap the putty of the plumber around the drain hole and attach the filter to the drain hole.Tighten the lock nut under the sink.Install the drain assembly from the sink hole to the bottom of the cabinet.Insert it into the drain and tighten the nut to secure it in place.Install the drain and trap adapter to the bottom of the sink.
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