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How to Install a Travertine Stone Backsplash

by:Shihui     2020-01-27
Lime China is a kind of natural stone imported from Italy and Mexico.It\'s choppy in the old world, the Tuscan feel, or polished for a more complex look.Due to its void, it must be sealed every year to protect it, otherwise it will absorb stains and destroy the appearance of the tiles.It is installed in a similar way to any other stone tile, and the next time you are free on the weekend, the project can be completed.Polish the area covered by the tailgate with medium sand sandpaper to make the surface rough.You can do the job with a hand or track Sander.Measure and mark the center of the maximum part of the tailgate with a pencil.If the tailgate extends to a large area, not just behind the stove or sink, find the center of any appliance from the door.Use Center marks as a guide to draw straight, horizontal, and vertical lines throughout the area.Use horizontal edges to keep a straight line.Lay the tiles on the floor with the same pattern installed on the wall.Include spacers between each tile.Use the measurements of the previously photographed focus area to determine if any tiles need to be cut.By moving the tiles, try to avoid porcelain tiles on the edge of the focus.Apply a layer of tile adhesive on 3-The foot part of the wall using a notch spatula.The adhesive should be as thick as the tile.Use a tro knife through the adhesive to form a curved groove along the surface.Install the first tile along the bottom edge of the tailgate and press it into the adhesive.Insert a gasket near each corner under the tile to prevent it from being placed directly on the counter.Continue to install the tiles and insert the spacers between them until the focus area is covered.For any perimeter tile that needs to be cut, measure the space on the wall after all full size tiles are installed.Subtract twice the width of a gasket and then use a wet saw to cut the tiles into this size.Install the tiles with spacers on all four sides, including the spacers between the ceiling and the tiles.Install the tiles in the same way to the left and right sides of the focus area, align the grout line as needed and cut the surrounding tiles.Treat the tailgate for 24 hours.Remove the gasket and mix a batch of mud according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.Start grouting between tiles at one end of the tailgate, fill the grout into the seam with a rubber grouting float.Keep the rubber float at 45-Angle with the tiles and slide diagonally at the seams to wrap them tightly.Immediately after all the seams around the grouting, wipe the surface of the tile with a damp sponge to remove the excess grouting.Otherwise, the mud will attach to the tile, which makes it very difficult to get off the bus.In a worse case, it may stain the tiles.Rinse the sponge with water after every three to four tiles.After about 20 minutes, wipe the tile again with a sponge to make sure you have cleared all the grout smoke left behind.Wipe the tiles even if you can\'t see the smog.Solidify the mud within 24 hours.Apply the seal using the lamb wool applicator.Rub the seal evenly on the surface of the tile, and the mud is careful not to let it drip, puddle or run down the tile.If these things happen, wipe the area immediately with the applicator.Dry the sealer according to the manufacturer\'s instructions and then apply the second layer of coating.
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