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how to install accent wall tiles around the border of a bathroom

by:Shihui     2020-01-05
Emphasizing the wall tiles can add a nice feel to the bathroom, which can create the illusion that the bathroom has been updated.
It is important to choose a set of border tiles that work well with other bathroom colors and features.
Take the sample home and have a look in the bathroom before making the final choice.
Move a stud finder along each wall where you want to install the border.
Mark the position of each bolt.
Keep a long height on the wall at the bottom of the new border and draw a horizontal line along the top edge of that height.
If you add a border above an existing tile, you can skip this step as existing tiles will help to keep the new tile horizontal and supported.
Measure the width of the wall where the new border will be installed.
1-cut a pieceby-2-
Inch board of this length.
Place the board along the bottom of the horizontal line.
Use levels to make sure your entire board is horizontal.
Screw the board into every other Bolt and fix the board to the wall.
Repeat every wall or wall part around the bathroom.
Lay the tiles on the floor, the same length as the wall panel.
Please note if you need to cut the tiles and where these are cut on the wall.
Usually you want the most conspicuous full tile.
If your layout generates a small tile in the corner, adjust your layout so that there will be no debris.
According to the test layout, mark the position on the wall of the first whole tile.
Apply the tile adhesive on the back of the tile using the X shape.
Place the tiles firmly on the wall so that the bottom is placed on the top of the wood. Rip off 6-
A few inches of painter tape and tape the tile from the face to the wall to help keep the tile in place when the adhesive is dry.
Use the spacer between tiles and continue to tile the border.
Cut the tile by drawing a cutting line on the back of the tile and using a wet saw for cutting.
Stick all the tiles to the wall and let the adhesive dry overnight.
Remove the board.
Remove the tape.
Stir the mud in a small bucket.
Apply the grout to the tile using the grouting float.
Press the grouting to the grouting line between the tiles.
Clean the tiles 15 minutes later using a grout sponge and clear water.
Clean until you eliminate all the haze, leaving only one film.
Mud is allowed to be set for four hours.
Rub the tile with a cheese cloth.
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