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How to Install Heavy Tile on a Wall

by:Shihui     2020-01-10
Large and heavy wall tiles are a challenge to hang because the weight of the tiles makes it easy for them to slip off the wall.In theory, the easiest solution would be to build from the bottom, support the lowest tile pitch on the floor, and let the upper floor rest on the floor.But in reality, the floor is usually uneven, which means that this method will take your entire tile grid offlevel.
The solution is to level the bottom, which takes some time and patience but will make the rest of the project smoother.Mark a horizontal line along the bottom of the wall, added by the height of the tile --quarter inch.(So the line should be 10 if the tile is 10 inch high.
25 inch from floor) If the floor is not horizontal, raise the horizontal line as needed to make sure it is not less than the height of the tile Plus 1Even if it means that part of this line is higher than the floor, inches from the floor.From the floor to the ceiling, draw a vertical line in the middle of the wall that intersects the horizontal line.Spread no-Use your gap adhesive spatula to sag the frankincense adhesive along the bottom of the wall, covering everything from the floor to the horizontal line.
You will be able to see these lines through mastic.Place the first two tiles under the horizontal line on both sides of the vertical line.Put one-quarter-The inch spacers between the tiles and below separate them from the floor.
Hang the rest of the bottom row of tiles in the same way, move toward the edge, and place the spacers between and below all tiles.Cut tiles at both ends on the tile cutter as needed.Evaluate the spacers under the tiles and they meet on the floor.
If the spacer between the floor and the tile is not tight (because the floor is very low at this time), then wedge a gasket under the spacer to make it tight.Hang the second course from the bottom, start again in the middle and work towards the edge.Place spacers around each tile, so they are separated on the side and supported by a row of tiles at the bottom.
Cut ends as needed.
Of course, you can walk along the entire wall and spread more magic as needed.Let the majestic set up for 24 hours.Remove the gasket.Apply the mud to the wall with the mud float and press it into the seam between the tiles.Wipe the excess mud with a damp sponge
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