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How to Install Marble Over Ceramic Tile

by:Shihui     2019-12-19
If the tile is in good condition and the surface is relatively flat, marble tiles can be installed on existing tiles.When tiles are on an existing floor, a problem is caused when the part of the hidden floor is loose.If the tile does not stick firmly to the childThe marble tiles on the floor are also loose.
Before you decide to install marble on the tile, double check the floor for damage.Clean the tiles thoroughly and remove any dirt or residue that may accumulate on the floor.Check if there are any loose tiles on the floor and glue them down with a tile adhesive.
Apply a thin mortar layer to the floor using a notch spatula.Working in sections, you can only cover as many mortar as possible with tiles before the mortar dries.Press marble tiles into thin mortar.Leave a 1/16-Inch space between each tile to create a very thin grouting line.
Continue to lay the mortar and marble tiles until you cover the whole floor.Cut marble tiles with wet saw as needed.Follow the instructions of the sealer of your choice to apply the marble sealer to the tile.Sealing the tiles now will make it easier to Grout as it will be easier to remove from the surface of the marble tiles.
Prepare the grouting according to the instructions on the package and disperse the grouting on the tile with a rubber float.Move the grout around to fill the grout line and then wipe the excess grout from the surface of the marble tile using a damp sponge
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