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How to Install Pebbles in Bathrooms

by:Shihui     2020-01-04
Pebble tiles are functional in the bathroom because of its durability and desirable for its appealing look and massage barefoot textures.Like other types of mosaic tilesit-Your farmer can buy pebbles attached to the backing of the net, which is easy to cut with a tool knife.This limits the number of cuts that need to be cut with a tile saw, thus simplifying the installation process.Pebble tiles usually have shapes other than squares, but they are made for interlocking, creating different but consistent patterns.Natural stone tiles should be sealed before and after grouting.Sand type grouting is used, for grouting lines greater than 1/8, sand type grouting is recommendedBecause the space between pebbles is different.Check the substrate to ensure it is stable, flat, clean and dry.Do any necessary repairs.Shield drain pipes, wall tiles, bathtubs or any other area where you want to prevent mortar and grout.Do the necessary cutting on the tiles in order to dry and put them into the space.Cut the mesh backing on the sheet with a tool knife and remove individual pebbles where a tight fit is required.Cut individual pebbles with tile saw if necessary.Lay thin mortar in three placesfoot by three-Use the flat end foot area of the notch spatula.Turn the spatula, pass the notch end through the surface of the mortar, and keep the spatula at 45-Degree angle, adding grooves to the mortar during the process.Press the first tile to the appropriate position along the edge of the wall or other adjacent surfaces.Push it into the mortar so that a small amount of mortar oozes out of the mesh support.Continue to press the tiles into the right position within the area you covered with mortar.Application of thin mortar in the second threeby-three-Continue to tile.Once you tile the entire area, cover as many tiles as possible with plywood and tap it with a rubber mallet to securely secure the tiles at a consistent depth.Follow the manufacturer\'s instructions to make thinset cured.Seal the tiles with a penetration seal.As recommended by the manufacturer, apply the sealer with a dense sponge or brush and let it dry thoroughly.The tile sheet of the ground stall polishing grouting is used to hold a corruption consultation-degree angle.Apply mud in the space between pebbles.Allow the grout to dry until smoke is formed on the tile.Wipe the tiles clean with a wet sponge.Often rinse the sponge when you move on the surface.Let the mud dry completely.Wipe away the remaining haze with a clean cloth.Seal the tiles again with a penetration seal.This time, apply a sealant to the pebbles and mud to create a consistent water-dense surface.
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