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How to Install Travertine Tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-29
Lime tile is one of the many stone tile options on the market today.Whether you choose to install a lime wall brick or a tile on the floor, the installation process is similar.In both cases, you will need to plan how to lay the tiles to show the natural texture and texture of the limestone stone.When you plan your stone layout, keep in mind that lime tiles with a lot of textures can be structurally weaker than those with less textures.It\'s a good idea to keep these stones on the border debris or debris you need to cut.Check the wall or floor to make sure it is flat and there is no protruding object.Fix any screws or nails below the surface using a screwdriver or hammer.Apply leveling compound on the floor or spackling compound on the wall to correct any uneven area.Please follow the manufacturer\'s instructions when using these products.Give them time to dry.Prepare 1/2-An inch of cement cardboard attached to a wooden floor or wall.To cut the cardboard, set the straight edge tool on the top of the cardboard and draw a cutter along the edge to cut the straight line.Space fiber strip 1/4-Separate inches, leave a 1/4-Inch expansion gap around the room.Stagger all jointsAdd enough water to make it the consistency of mashed potatoes.Spread thin on the floor or wall and place the cardboard sheet in it.When you set the cardboard, use the height of the carpenter to make sure the floor or wall is kept horizontal.Seal the seams with a fiberglass mesh belt embedded in a thin layer.Smooth the tape in place with a smooth side of the spatula.Add screws in the perimeter of each piece of cement cardboard and in the middle of each piece.Space screws 8 inch apart.Measure the length of each wall.Mark its midpoint vertically with a chalk line.Use the height of the carpenter to ensure that the straight line is vertical or straight up and down.Repeat each wall.Measure the width of a tile and mark a horizontal line on the wall to check if it is consistent with the height of the Carpenter.Lay tiles on the floor to plan their horizontal position on the wall.The two ends of the wall should also have uniform spacing.Move the chalk line if necessary.Apply the thinner mixed on the consistency of mashed potatoes to the wall.Set the bottom line of the tile with the interval between them.Check if they are consistent with the level of the Carpenter.Continue to set the tiles as you work on the wall.If necessary, cut the tiles with a wet saw with a diamond blade.Let the thin mortar dry.Remove the gasket.Mark the midpoint of each wall and connect the opposite wall with a chalk line.The chalk line should cross at right angles at the midpoint of the floor.Check whether the angle is correct with the Carpenter\'s angle.Re-Mark lines if necessary.Plan the tile layout by laying a row of tiles along the center line on the floor.While you may need to cut tiles on the periphery, the space should be uniform in order to give the room a balanced look.Mix the paste with the consistency of mashed potatoes.Follow the legs of a quadrant and apply a small amount of mortar to the floor with a notch spatula.Set the first tile so that the chalk line can be touched on both sides.Add the spacers, then compare the tiles to the first one, and the edges to the chalk line.The other leg of the object limit is repeated.Fill in the first image to continue adding mortar.Maintain the interval between tiles to maintain the grouting line.Do not set tiles on the periphery.Use the level regularly to ensure the floor surface is flat.Set the tiles in the remaining three quadrants in a similar way.Measure the distance between the outside tile and the wall.Mark this number on the tile.Cut the tiles with a wet saw with a diamond blade.Set the tiles.Go ahead with the process and set up all the tiles around the room.Let the flakes dry.Remove the gasket.Mix the white mud with water to form a thick paste.Rub the mud into the seam with a mud float.Work diagonally to fill each opening completely.Remove excess mud from the surface of the lime tile with a clean and humid sponge.Grouting a small area at a time to prevent the grouting from drying on the surface of the tile.Wipe away any smoke left on the grouting wall with a clean and soft cloth.Allow grouting to solidify within the time recommended by the manufacturer.Apply grouting and lime tile sealant as recommended by the manufacturer.
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