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How to Keep Tile From Cracking During Cutting

by:Shihui     2020-01-04
The tile is a luxurious, durable, visually appealing material that makes the real estate investment look like a designer\'s masterpiece.Tile installation is not a huge task, but you may need to cut the tiles in order to adapt to a specific area.Due to the compressed, fragile nature of the tile, it cracks, breaks and breaks when you try to cut it.The best way to prevent tile cracking is to use the score-and-Tile cutter or diamond wet saw.Conventional Straight line cutting with fractionand-Tile cutter.This tool is available in most hardware stores.Measure the area you want the tile to fit.Draw a line with carbideMark a straight line on the tile with a pencil and ruler.The pencil is scratched a few times on the tile, or there is a slight crack.Score with a smooth stroke instead of a small choppy cut.Lowes.Com noted that repeated scoring can cause tile fragmentation or breakage.Slide tiles under fractionsand-Tile cutter.Align the tiles so that the blade (also known as the cutting wheel) revolves around the score line.A line on the cutter, usually silver.Color, helps guide your cutting.Adjust the bracket to keep the tiles in place when cutting.Pull the metal handle forward and press down gently.Push the handle down all the way, pull back and score the tiles with a deeper cut.Slide the same metal handle into the middle of the tile and press down again.The pressure will squeeze the tiles on the scoring line.Lowes.Com recommends applying equal pressure on both sides of the tile with both hands.The pressure caused the tile to break.Choose a diamond wet saw for multiple cuts or notch cutsOn a tile.Because buy a expensive one, rent a diamond wet saw for thousands of yuan.Fill the reservoir of diamond wet saw with a small cup or water tank with cold water.Draw a line with carbideMark the position where the tile needs to be cut with a pencil or regular pencil.Turn on the motor by flipping the on/off switch.Slowly guide the tile towards the blade along the straight line cutting line.Place one hand on both sides of the tile to keep your fingers away from the blade and feed the tile into the blade.Cut the tile.Pull the tiles off the blade.Rotate the tile to align the line of the second mark with the blade.Feed the tiles to the blade as before and cut the tiles.Continue the process until all the cuts are cut.Turn off the motor as needed and refill the reservoir.
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