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How to Lay Pebble Tile Floors

by:Shihui     2020-01-28
The Cobblestone tile floor brings a natural beauty in the interior, adding charm and personality to many different types of interior space.While the cobblestone floors seem to consist of separate stones, they are actually made of a stone that is connected together on a grid of layers, making it as easy to install as a tile.Clean the ground to remove dirt and debris.Practice paving your cobblestone tiles before you spread the thin to the floor.Tiles are usually designed to lock together, so it is helpful to know how tiles are combined before you start.Use a notch spatula to lay thin mortar in a small area of the floor.Use only enough mortar to hold two to three pebble tiles.Start from the corner of the room farthest from the door and avoid \"drawing yourself in the corner \".\"Lay the tiles on the sheet and press them in place by hand.Place the next tile so the pebbles can be close to the pebbles on the tiles you have installed.Many cobblestone tiles have jagged edges that can assemble the plates together like a jigsaw puzzle, but the plates do not have to be oriented in a specific way.When you work, wipe any excess flakes that ooze between tiles with a damp sponge or rag.Continue to spread thin on a small area and apply two or three tiles at a time.Work continuously and move towards the door until you tile the whole room.Set the last few tiles from outside the room to avoid walking on the fresh floorlaid tiles.Use a sharp tool knife and ruler or ruler as a guide to cut the tiles on the mounting edges.When you approach the wall while laying cobblestone tiles, measure the remaining area before applying any thin settings.To adapt to the area, cut the cobblestone tiles and leave a 1/4-Gap in inches along the wall, allowing expansion and contraction over time.Pull out separate stones from the extra mesh tiles to fill the gaps between the tiles and create a cohesive finish.Before pressing the stone on the floor, apply a small amount of thin on the back of the stone.Wipe off the extra mortar when you work.Use a small brush to apply a penetrating stone sealant on the surface of a cobblestone tile.Let the seal dry completely.Mix the mud according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.Pour the mud on a small part of your cobblestone floor.Use the grouting float to push the grouting into the space between the pebbles.Repeat it until you spray the whole floor.Use a wet rag or sponge to clean excess mud from the surface of the stone.Clean the sponge or rag frequently to keep the pebbles clean.Work carefully and apply minimum pressure to avoid pulling the grout out of the seam.
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