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How to Lay Sheet Tile on a Wall

by:Shihui     2020-01-03
There are several types of tiles that are installed on the sheets instead of individually.This includes all types of mosaic tiles, as well as many types of decorative tiles from Japan and Korea.The good thing about flat panel mounting tiles is that you don\'t have to worry about keeping the tiles straight or grouting joints consistent ---The sheets are made for you.However, you have to worry about starting straight and keeping the paper aligned with each other.This can be a challenge for the walls as the tiles slide easily.Prepare walls for tiles.If in a dry place, the drywall is good--Not finished or painted.If there is wallpaper on the dry wall, it should be peeled off before installing the tile.If you install a tile in a damp place, such as a bathtub or shower, you should install a concrete back panel.It is installed like a drywall, but does not penetrate into the water.Draw a straight line parallel from the bottom of the wall, and the distance from the bottom of the wall is equal to the width of two tiles and two grouting joints.Even if you are from what tile-Floor, bathtub, countertop--Not level, it would be better to start with the entire tile instead of trying to cut the mosaic at one angle, which would make the fact that it is out of level even more obvious.Apply glue between your lines and the bottom of the wall with a notch spatula.In this case, the type 2 wall facing brick glue is best because it is stronger and more sticky than the type 1, which will help to install the tiles on the paper.Usually, for wet areas, you only need type 2, but for board tiles, type 2 is used regardless of the area.Place the whole tile next to your line.Use the straight edges to make sure they are all flush with the top of the straight line.Carefully adjust the paper so that the grouting joints between them are the same as the seams between the tiles on the paper.Gently insert the sheets into the glue with a rubber grout.This will ensure that they catch the glue and prevent the glue from sliding.Make any final adjustments as needed.Apply the glue further to the wall and work in a small area at a time to make sure you can cover it before the glue starts to skim.Adjust the sheets as needed and check the straight edges to make sure the sheets are straight and the joints are consistent.Cut tiles on the side and top of the wall as needed.Before sticking the cut spatula to the glue on the wall, apply the back of the wound with a little glue to ensure good adhesion.Make sure the cut is straight relative to the adjacent tiles.Allow the tile to be set for 24 hours before proceeding.Mix mud according to packing direction.Use the mud float to spread the mud over the tile, force it into all the seams, and pull the excess mud down from the edge of the mud as if it were a scraper.Clean the grouting of the surface of the tile with a damp sponge while smoothing the seams.Let the mud dry to smoke, then wash again with clear water.Let the mud dry thoroughly and then buffer with a clean and dry towel if necessary.
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