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How to Lay Stone Tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-01
Natural stone tiles are a beautiful addition for many families.They can cover walls or floors with a variety of finishes, sizes and colors.Stone bricks may be made of granite, marble, slate, limestone or lime China, and they may have polished or rough edges.The installation of stone tiles is slightly different from that of ceramics or tiles, as natural changes in stone need to be careful.Tiles may have cracks and their thickness may vary depending on the block.To lay the stone bricks well, a good foundation and layout are needed.Put a new base on which stone bricks will be installed.Lay the cement back plate on the ground floor or wall where the tiles will be installed.Score the pieces with a tool knife and snap along the scoring line.Twist them down every 6 inch to protect them.Mark the pattern of tiling.On the floor, find the center point of the wall farthest from the door, and from this point draw a chalk line down in the center of the room.On the wall, find the center line and capture the chalk line vertically from the floor to the ceiling.Place the tiles on the floor to be installed or on areas of equal size and shape.Set the first tile on the center line to the bottom of the wall or wall brick installation farthest from the door and move the tile evenly out of each side from there.Pay attention to the size and color of the tiles;Move around the tiles to get a pleasant color mix and observe tiles that are thinner or thicker than the surrounding tiles.Cut the tile on the wet saw to fit the edge of the room and restore it to a dry layout.Use as much as possible cracks, less pleasant colors or thicker or thinner tiles than the surrounding tiles as cutting tiles on the side of the room.Lay thin mortar on the back plate and start installing stone bricks.Lay the mortar with the flat edge of the spatula, then turn it to slot the mortar until the mortar thickness is uniform.Before you press it on a wall or floor, apply extra mortar on the back of each tile.This is called back butter and will help to provide a complete coverage for the tiles.If you notice that the tiles are thinner or thicker than the surrounding tiles, please compensate with more or less mortar.Use a rubber mallet to break the tile into the mortar until it reaches the level.Let the mortar dry for 24 hours.Seal the stone before grouting.Apply the sealer to the stone with a foam brush and let it penetrate for 10 minutes.Wipe the excess sealer with a soft cloth.Apply mud to the tile with a mud float.Keep the float at 45-At a certain angle with the stone brick, the grouting is introduced into the seam.Rotate the float 90 degrees and scrape off the excess mud from the surface of the tile.Let the mud dry for 10 minutes.Clean the surface of the tile to remove any remaining grout.Wet the grouting sponge with water and clean the surface of the tile with circular motion.Rinse the sponge regularly until the tiles are clean.Let the mud dry for 24 hours.
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