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How to Make a DIY Marble Table Lamp From Marble Tiles

by:Shihui     2019-12-19
Did you find luxurious marble lamps everywhere?They are beautiful but often expensive.With cheap materials and very few cutting requirements, it\'s easier to make yourself than you think.With a few hours and some money, you can have your own height.
End the marble lamps for less.
Lay a tile flat on the table and one on the side of the table as shown below-This will be the width of the Assembly (4 3/8 ).Measure the center (2 3/16) 1 inch from the bottom ).Place a piece of waste wood in a sink or bowl and then place the tiles on it.
Add water before the tiles are covered--This will help to prevent the tiles from breaking.Slowly drill through the tiles with 3/8Inch tile drill.After drilling, dry the tiles and apply a small amount of silicone caulking agent on the edge of the opening.
On a tile, measure and mark two squares, 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 per square.Cut the two squares with a table saw.These will form the top and bottom of the lamp.On top of 1/2 square meters, measure and mark the center of the square.
Use the 3/8-Drill a hole in the inch tile bit.The Stone uses a permanent adhesive (fast setting is preferred ).Flat the tiles with the lamp line holes on the table.
Place the bottom square on the straight side (one side of the tile is straight and one side is oblique) and fix it with adhesive.Use adhesive tape to help secure the tiles together if needed until the adhesive is set.Start creating a box by aligning the bevel edge to overlap the square edge.
This will create smooth transitions and oblique edges on all four corners.Add another side.To cover the 6-Inch screw bar, add a flower cap and copper tube.I used the old fixture parts from my collection, however, they can also be purchased at the fixture store.
My copper tube is 3/4 long.
This measurement depends on the desired height of the overall lamp and the lampshade (the extra screw bars highlight the lamp body ).Before placing the final tile, wire the lights according to the instructions on the kit.Pass the wire through the hole and through the screw bar.
Remove all the tape and stickers from the inside of the lamp.Since the marble is translucent, these can be seen from the outside once completed.Add a small amount of adhesive to all seams and place the final tile to finish the light.
Add felt feet or felt bottom to the base to protect the surface.Once the adhesive is dry and fully cured, your light is ready to use
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