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How to Make a Homemade Mosaic Bird Bath

by:Shihui     2020-01-07
Mosaic tiles may look complicated, but it\'s actually easy even for beginners.This mosaic bird bath based on Terracotta Warriors and Horses Tea tray is a great project to get you started.The nearby birds will definitely like it.The Terracotta Warriors are porous, so it needs to be sealed not only to withstand the elements outside, but also to maintain water accumulation.
Apply two layers of Terracotta Warriors seal on top and bottom of 12-1Inch clay disc, pay attention to the drying and curing time in the packaging direction.The Terracotta Warriors have a spray and liquid formula.In addition, you can use a sealing device specially made for terracotta warriors, or you can use a general waterproof sealing device that protects various surfaces.
Just check the label to make sure it\'s also good for Terracotta Warriors.Place a piece of white paper in the tea tray, track around the inside edge with a pen, and make a template for the tile artwork.With the template, we can experiment with the design on paper before submitting the UFO.
After drawing the circle, take it out of the tea tray.The art supplies store and the craft store have glass bricks in bags or jars.They\'re usually 3/4-inch in size.While you don\'t need to cut the tiles, cutting them into irregular shapes can produce more interesting designs.
The smaller parts can be used to fill the bare places.Using a pair of tile cutters, you can also find them in the crafts store, cutting the tiles into the shape you want.They work like huge nail clippers.Be sure to wear eye protection and surround the tiles with towels when cutting so the glass pieces don\'t fly over the room.
Glass fragments may fall off when cutting, so be careful when touching the cutting piece.Create a design using a template as a blank canvas and tiles.You can create an abstract design that is the easiest, or more ambitious, to draw an object.
The good thing about using templates is that you can play with this design.Use one tile at a time, transfer the design to the Terracotta Army flying saucer, and glue the pieces with the tile adhesive.You can find the mosaic tile adhesive in the craft shop next to the actual tile.
Other permanent adhesives such as epoxy can also work;Just check if they are waterproof.When you transfer the tiles to the UFO, continue to adjust the design if you wish.It\'s not static.Well, not yet.After the main design of the tea tray is completed, the tile sheet is glued to the inner wall.
When I decided on a simple duplicate pattern, I didn\'t use the template for this area.The key to sticking a porcelain brick wall is to work from the bottom up, because gravity causes the tile to slide down, even if there is adhesive on the back.By positioning the bottom tile first, the lower tile can support the higher tile.
Pre-There are many colors for mixed grouting.I chose a light in gray to help with the lighterColor tiles stand out.Put on some plastic gloves, apply mud on the tiles and push the mud into all corners and gaps.
Work the grout to the edge of the UFO.
Use your hand as a \"scraper\" to remove excess mud.You want a layer of mud flush with tiles.Run a damp sponge on the surface to remove the excess mud on the top of the tile.Keep the sponge clean when wiping.When you clean the tiles, your beautiful design will be displayed.
After the grouting has dried for about four hours, wipe the remaining smoke on the tile with a wet rag.The grouting has hardened at this point, so you can scrub with a rag if necessary.Protect the mud from moisture by applying two layers of mud sealant on the surface.
There are two formulas: aerosol and liquid.I prefer spray.On the grouting sealing device as it provides a uniform, no.mess coverage.Allow the mud sealer to dry for 24 hours before using the bird bath.
Work in a well-Ventilation area with eye and mouth protection.Put the completed basin in the inverted 10-Lift it up from the ground.Fill the bird with water and you can invite the nearby birds to the swimming party.
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