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How to Make a Tempered Glass Mosaic

by:Shihui     2020-03-12
Mosaic is an artwork made of small pieces of glass or stone.Tempered glass, also known as impact glass, is the preferred glass medium for mosaic.When the glass is broken into smaller pieces, no sharp or hard edges are formed.
You can buy tempered glass from window suppliers, online specialty stores and select craft shops.Glass is available in a few colors, such as gray, green and bronze.You can find clear forms of glass more often.
Lay a towel on a flat surface.
Put the tempered glass in one-Half of the towels.Cover the glass with the rest of the towel.Start breaking tempered glass with a hammer.
Tap the glass two or three times.
Open the towel and see how well the glass is broken.Remove the pieces needed for the mosaic and continue tapping the glass until all pieces are broken.Polish a piece of plywood.The size and thickness of the plywood depends on your mosaic.
You may need to look around for a product of the right size.Smooth surface using sandpaper.This will make it easier to paint the plywood and glue on the tempered glass sheet.Apply plywood in the color you like.Most of the paint will be shown through tempered glass, but clear glass is the obvious choice.
You can use flash paint, acrylic paint, and even paint.Let the paint dry completely.Start adding pieces of tempered glass.Glue a piece of glass at a time.Leave 1/4 to 1/2 space between all components.You may find that you need smaller parts to fit into the area.
Consider breaking the tempered glass into a smaller size.Once the glue dries, start applying the mud.Follow the instructions on the grouting package.
After preparing the mud, apply the mud to the mosaic with a small garden shovel.Let the mud solidify for 20 minutes.Remove the grout from the mosaic surface using a wet towel.Grouting will fill all the spaces you leave on the mosaic.
Let the mud solidify for 24 hours.
Cover the mosaic with a transparent finish.Once the paint is dry, frame your mosaic or hang it on the wall
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