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How to Make a Travertine Backsplash

by:Shihui     2020-01-28
Lime China is a calcium-bearing stone similar to limestone.It is formed inside the hot spring, in which the escaping water vapor leaves multiple holes and passages in the hardened stone.These holes give the natural and rustic look of the lime tiles.The lime China can be found, its holes are filled and not filled, as well as various sizes, shapes and colors, all of which are perfect for use on the kitchen tailgate.Choose a Delaware tile for your tailgate that complements the other colors in the kitchen as well as the styleEither it is rustic, there is no filling hole, or it is smooth, the filled hole and the surface of the tile are polished or polished to the smooth surface.Measure the height of your tailgate to determine how many rows of tiles are needed, and the size of the lime China fits best there.Many tailgates, for example, have a height of 18 inch, making 3-inch by 6-2-inch lime tileInch tiles or 4-2-inch tileThe inch border fits perfectly.Measure the width and height of the tailgate.Arrange your lime tile according to this size to determine the pattern.Start each part of the tailgate at the center of the bottom to get the most balanced look and place the cut tiles in the corner.Lay out your lime tile so you have the least cut or awkward transition near the exit or end of the line.Play with different configurations until you find a configuration that appeals to you.Make sure to mix lime tiles from different boxes;The color of the lime varies from block to block.Mixing will help to eliminate the tone and prevent the tone from forming blocks.Use the tile spacer to keep your line and grout line if needed.Use the tile wet saw to cut the lime tile to fit.Return them to your layout before installing to double-Check Fit and location.Mix thin mortar according to manufacturer\'s instructions.Add a little water at a time and stir with a tro knife until the mortar reaches the consistency of peanut butter.Once consistency is reached, stop adding water because the humidity in the air affects the mortar.Use a spatula to lay a thin layer of mortar on the tailgate of the tile laying.Keep the spatula at a slight angle with the tailgate, so that the teeth of the spatula can easily reach the wall through the mortar.By moving the spatula on the wall, apply the mortar with a sweeping action.Work in a small arc, from left to right, and then expand the thinset from right to left.Use the traverse knife to measure the size of the lime tile you are setting.For example, in order for the thickness of the mortar to reach the correct depth, larger tiles require larger trowels.For a 4-Inch lime tile, use 3/8-inch square-Cut the mortar to the right depth.When the teeth touch and gently scratch the wall, the mortar is in the right depth on the wall, but when you drag it, no excess mortar will squeeze to each side.When the thin sleeve dries quickly, just lay as many mortar as possible in 10 minutes.Press the lime tile into the mortar according to the same pattern you identified in the dry layout.Starting from the bottom center of each wall, evenly spread the tiles to each side.Complete each row horizontally before moving up to the next line.Place each tile at a slight angle and twist it in place to ensure a good combination.After installing the tiles, allow the mortar to dry for 24 hours.Seal the lime with a stone seal.Use a foam brush to lay the sealer on the tile.Let it sit for 10 minutes and then buff the excess with a soft cloth.The sealing device will help prevent the mud from polluting the tiles and help prevent food stains from settling on the stone.Grouting lime by sand grouting with grouting float on the tile.If your tile is not filled, you would like to fill it with grout and wrap the grout on the whole tile from different directions.Alternatively, if you want the hole not to be filled, please keep the grout only at the seams and edges of the tile.Let the mud stand for 10 minutes.Gently clean the lime surface using a grouting sponge.Let the mud dry for 24 hours.
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